GuildHeadImageIn November 2015, The Guild Literary Complex held a special auction of 1st edition books from the private collection of Guild
Co-Founder Reginald Gibbons.


Reginald has granted us this collection so that we can offer these books as gift incentives in ongoing fundraising. It’s a gift to the guild that gives back—donate in any category and choose one 1st Edition book from that donor category as our gift to you.  Add to your own collection, or offer it as a unique and lasting gift to someone special.  You’ll find directions in each Donor category. We thank you for your support!

About This Collection

1st Edition books from the personal collection of Reginald Gibbons.

Gibbons, a Frances Hooper Professor of Arts and Humanities at Northwestern University, is a poet, fiction writer, translator, educator, critic, and the former editor of  TriQuarterly magazine (1981-1997).

His work as poet and novelist has won numerous prizes and awards, including the selection of Creatures of a Day as a 2008 Finalist for the National Book Award in Poetry. His most recent book is a critical study, How Poems Think (University of Chicago, 2015).


While not truly a book collector in the traditional sense, Reg has acquired many books over the years through his friendships and involvement in the Chicago literary landscape. The collection includes fiction first editions and other interesting and valuable volumes (some of them signed). Your donation will help fund Guild programming. Find out more about The Guild Literary Complex and its rich history, here.

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