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W. H. Auden, THE COLLECTED POETRY OF W. H. AUDEN, Signed (originally published 1945, this printing 1967) Norman Mailer, THE NAKED AND THE DEAD, 1st edition,1948
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From Reginald—

I was an undergraduate when I attended a reading by W. H. Auden—the most famous living English-language poet at that time.  I was working in the dining halls to make money for books, and for that rare occasion I bought Auden’s Collected Poems.  At a reception after the reading I asked him if he would sign it.  He flung the cover back, grumbling and rasping out of his ruined face, “You’ve bought the wrong edition!”  He signed it hastily.  A new edition had just been published, in which he had rewritten some of his earlier poems.  Critics have been arguing ever since about his having done that, and many preferred the earlier versions—in the edition he had signed for me.

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Age of Iron

J. M. Coetzee, AGE OF IRON, Signed, 1st edition Available
Effort@SpeachThum William Meredith, EFFORT AT SPEECH, #256 of 500 special edition Available
UltimateGoodLckThum Richard Ford, THE ULTIMATE GOOD LUCK, Signed, 1st edition
Guy Davenport,TATLIN, 1st edition
HouseonMangoThum Sandra Cisneros, THE HOUSE ON MANGO STREET, 1st edition (Paperback)

From Reginald—

I met Richard Ford when we were in our late twenties, and beginning with his first book, A Piece of My Heart, I accumulated the first half dozen or so, some of which he gave me.  Ford’s Mississippi was the place my father had run away from as a teenager, to get to Texas.  I’m sure Ford had many Mississippi stories in him, but he didn’t like telling them; some years later he said that he had been trying his whole life to write novels that were narratives but were not like the typical Deep-South conversational story-telling in which the smallest event could be drawn out for half an hour.


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