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By: U. Khabir, M.A., M.D., M.P.H.

Professor, University of Central Florida College of Medicine

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Evidence Category: C port, diagnosis, and treatment are critical in preventing sudden 9. If rescue breathing becomes necessary, the person with death in a patient with a catastrophic cervical spine injury. A high level of evidence (ie, way and begin rescue breathing using the safest tech prospective randomized trials) on this topic is rare, and tech nique. Mild hypoglycemia (ie, the athlete is conscious and able Additional complications can affect the care of the spine to swallow and follow directions) is treated by admin injured athlete in an equipment-intensive sport when rescuers istering approximately 10?15 g of carbohydrates (ex may need to remove protective equipment that limits access to amples include 4?8 glucose tablets or 2 tablespoons of the airway or chest. Knowing how to deal properly with protec honey) and reassessing blood glucose levels immedi tive equipment during the immediate care of an athlete with ately and 15 minutes later. Evidence Category: C a potential catastrophic cervical spine injury can greatly infu 8. Exposure and access to vital life functions (eg, airway, erly trained, administering glucagon. Neutral alignment of the cervical spine should be main athletes exercising during hyperglycemic periods. Evi tained while allowing as little motion at the head and dence Category: C neck as possible. Return to play after cervical spine injury is to return an athlete to play after an episode of mild hypo highly variable and may be permitted only after complete tis glycemia or hyperglycemia. Evidence Category: C sue healing, neurologic recovery, and clearance by a physician. Type 1 diabetes is an auto immune disorder stemming from a combination of genetic and 1. The autoimmune response is often trig plan that includes blood glucose monitoring and insulin gered by an environmental event, such as a virus, and it targets guidelines, treatment guidelines for hypoglycemia and the insulin-secreting beta cells of the pancreas. Ev mass is reduced by approximately 80%, the pancreas is no lon idence Category: C ger able to secrete suffcient insulin to compensate for hepatic 2. Evidence Category: B tivity for people with type 1 diabetes, exercise training and 3. Extreme glycemic fuctuations (severe hypogly blood glucose monitoring, insulin adjustments, and urine cemia or hyperglycemia with ketoacidosis) can lead to sudden testing for ketone bodies. Hypoglycemia typically presents with tachycardia, including exclusion thresholds; strategies to prevent exercise sweating, palpitations, hunger, nervousness, headache, associated hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, and ketosis; a list of trembling, or dizziness; in severe cases, loss of con medications used for glycemic control; signs, symptoms, and sciousness and death can occur. Evidence Category: C treatment protocols for hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, and ke 5. The athlete should check blood dence Category: C glucose levels 2 or 3 times before, every 30 minutes during, 6. Hyperglycemia with ketoacidosis may include the signs and every other hour up to 4 hours after exercise. Carbohy and symptoms listed earlier as well as Kussmaul breath drates should be eaten before, during, and after exercise; the ing (abnormally deep, very rapid sighing respirations quantity the athlete ingests depends on the prevailing blood characteristic of diabetic ketoacidosis), fruity odor to glucose level and exercise intensity. Finally, some athletes the breath, unusual fatigue, sleepiness, loss of appetite, may use insulin adjustments to prevent hypoglycemia.

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Neostigmine, as well as other anticholinesterases, C inhibits the metabolism of suxamethonium, thereby prolonging and enhancing its clinical effect; combined use is not recommended. Antimuscarinic drugs such as atropine antagonize the E muscarinic effects of neostigmine. Continued ventilatory support should be provided until full K respiratory muscles activity is restored. Myasthenic crisis: Use not reported in cats but extrapolation from dogs seems reasonable. Antagonism of non-depolarizing neuromuscular blocking agents: O Doses as for dogs. T Action: Blocks serotonin and dopamine receptors and is an alpha-adrenergic antagonist, primarily acting through alpha-1 U adrenoceptors. Its reported effects are to promote cerebral vasodilation, thereby improving cerebral oxygenation, and to have a V neuroprotective action. Use: Used to improve ageing-related disorders in dogs, particularly W those of behavioural origin:. However, clinically apparent benefts of its pharmacological effects have not been published. Demonstrates a wide safety margin: Z administration of up to 90 times the normal recommended dose in dogs for 6 months has produced no adverse effects. A Owners should be instructed to dissolve one tablet in 10 ml of water, stir or shake gently until dissolved, and then immediately administer B 5 ml of the solution. Owners should be clearly instructed not to use household D utensils for preparing the solution. F Drug interactions: Do not use within 24 hours of alpha-2 agonists such as xylazine, medetomidine and romifdine. Do not use before G treatment with vasodilators such as acepromazine and prazosin. M Action: Blocks antigen-induced histamine release, inhibits phosphodiesterase activity and protease release. N Use: Has been used in combination with oxytetracycline/tetracycline or doxycycline in the management of certain immune-mediated O dermatoses such as lupoid onychodystrophy, discoid lupus P erythematosus and pemphigus foliaceus. Q Contraindications: Do not use nicotinic acid (niacin) as it causes vasodilation. It may also produce a range of other anti-infammatory effects, including inhibition of the neutrophil B oxidative response, inhibition of the synthesis of platelet activating factor, and a reduction in the synthesis of cartilage degrading C enzymes. Do not administer perioperatively until animal is fully G recovered from anaesthesia and normotensive. Liver disease will H prolong metabolism, leading to the potential for drug accumulation and overdose with repeated dosing. T Action: Post-synaptic binding to insect nicotinic receptors leads to U insect paralysis and death. Adverse reactions: Transient increase in pruritus may be seen after Y administration due to feas reacting to the product.

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This surgery may entail placing cartilage grafs to widen or strengthen the lateral wall of the nasal cavity to relieve the nasal obstruction. Nasal Polyps Nasal polyps are localized, extremely edematous nasal or sinus mucosa. They can enlarge while in the nose, and obstruct either the nose or the ostia through which the sinuses drain. Polyps usually respond very well to a course of systemic steroids fol lowed by continuous intranasal steroid sprays. Surgery may be indicated if the polyps reoccur frequently or do not respond to treatment. Patients with allergic rhinitis and chronic sinusitis develop these grapelike swellings that protrude into the lumen, causing obstruction and anosmia. Medical therapy with inhaled nasal steroids as well as short bursts of systemic steroids ofen produces good long-term control of the disease. Samter?s triad, consisting of asth ma, an allergy to aspirin, and nasal pol yposis, is a particularly difcult-to-treat form of this disease. Unilateral nasal polyps may be a manifestation of a neo plasm, and must be referred to an otolaryngologist for evaluation. Another relatively frequent cause of nasal blockage is rhinitis medicamen Figure 9. Nasal polyposis people repeatedly use decongestant is a common ailment that results in nasal nasal sprays over a long period. Most patients rebound efect causes them to need the require medical treatment with topical steroids and antibiotics, as well as surgical spray just to breathe. Symptoms can be reduced by intranasal steroid spray, occasionally accompanied by short bursts of systemic steroids. Cocaine may also induce ischemic necrosis in the nasal septum because of the amount of vasoconstriction. The ischemia then may result in a nasal septal perforation, which interferes with nasal airfow and is very difcult to repair surgically. Some patients have a very straight septum with no nasal polyposis or infammation, but they sufer from chronic rhinosinusitis due to blockage of sinus drainage. The uncinate process comes very close to the ethmoid bulla, forming the infundibulum through which the maxillary sinus www. Only one mm of swelling in the mucosa in this area will obstruct the sinus ostium.

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These patients are typically categorized into traumatic or spontaneous cases to aid in creating a diagnostic and management plan. The spontaneous hemoperitoneum cases can be further sorted into spleen or liver, and everything else. Magees lecture covering the spleen and liver as the primary source of hemorrhage. My lecture will cover both traumatic and spontaneous cases of hemoperitoneum in dogs and cats. Every vet in this room has probably shared the same feeling of mind-numbing dread when opening an abdomen that was advertised as a simple splenic tumor which turns out to be anything but simple. Your first hint is when you need to feel around in the bloody soup just to find the spleen. Then you gently slide it up and out of the abdomen only to discover no giant purple cavitary mass or hematoma, but rather a skinny pale lavender tongue of a spleen that might fit into a cat rather than the Golden Retriever over which you are hovering. Next step is to grope cranially and run your fingers over each lobe of the liver, as you run the suction to improve your visibility. Finding the source and assessing your ability to stop active hemorrhage is the next phase of your exploratory surgery. Table 1 shows a list of the reported origins of hemorrhage for spontaneous hemoperitoneum in dogs from a recent retrospective study of two university hospitals. Their paper clearly demonstrates that hemorrhage can arise from nearly anywhere in the abdomen and it is to your patients benefit to have a strategy for next steps. Anatomic source of spontaneous Vet Surgery 2018:47:1031-1038 hemoperitoneum in 637 dogs (diagnosed at J Fleming et al. Nearly everything else that could be a source of hemorrhage in the abdomen will require adequate retraction to see, let alone solve. Ask for some malleable retractors and either an Army-Navy set or blunt Senns depending upon the size of your patient. Malleables are useful in that they can retract even when not held by an assistant. Use lap sponges to pack off the abdomen in whatever systematic approach is best for you. My personal rotation (after looking at the spleen and liver) is left kidney and left adrenal, right kidney and right adrenal, pancreas (both arms and angle), cranial mesenteric artery and associated lymph nodes, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, urinary bladder, prostate/uterus/cervix and finally retroperitoneum. Along the way Im also feeling and/or looking at every inch of the body wall and diaphragm.