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By: T. Thorus, M.B. B.CH. B.A.O., Ph.D.

Vice Chair, Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine

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School counselors could schedule groups to meet before or after these other school activities. For convenience, the techniques have been organized according to each of the theories discussed earlier in this chapter. The therapist is genuinely interested in the child and develops a warm, caring relation ship. The therapist experiences unqualifed acceptance of the child and does not wish that the child were different in some way. The therapist creates a feeling of safety and permissiveness in the relationship, so the child feels free to explore and express himself completely. The therapist appreciates the gradual nature of the therapeutic process and does not attempt to hurry the process. The therapist establishes only those therapeutic limits necessary to anchor the session to reality and that help the child accept personal and appropriate relationship responsibil ities (p. This 10-week, small-group intervention for caregivers is perfect for use in schools by a trained play therapist. It uses fun, playful activities such as drawing and feelings charades to help students learn to cope with anxiety. While this technique takes longer than the 12 sessions, the short-term model recommended earlier, the research on its effectiveness has been positive. Children are then asked to use the colors to create a visual representation of feelings they have had in their lives. This is a simple activity and only requires materials readily available in schools. It could be used to help children address various concerns, such as diffculty recognizing, expressing, or coping with feelings.


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Patients at high risk for poor outcomes due to poor underlying lung function should undergo further physiological evaluation [25]. The two general areas of evaluation are: 1) regional distribution of lung function; and 2) functional capacity of the patient. Although this algorithm has been prospectively validated [23, 24, 26], several issues remain controversial. Some patients have successfully had lobectomy in the setting of severe obstructive lung disease [28, 29]. If the patient has cardiovascular risk factors an appropriate cardiovascular evaluation should be undertaken [30, 31]. These include bullectomy, lung volume reduction surgery and lung transplantation (see Patient section). Outcomes Bullectomy appears to be of benefit in highly selected patients [33], resulting in short-term improvements in airflow obstruction, lung volumes, hypoxaemia and hypercapnia, exercise capacity, dyspnoea, and health-related quality of life. Patient selection Based on the presumption that improvement is dependent on relief of compressed normal lung, most investigators have attempted to identify optimal surgical candidates on the basis of pulmonary function and radiographic features, as enumerated in table 2 [34]. In patients with nonupper lobe predominant emphysema and a higher post-rehabilitation cycle ergometry work load, surgically treated patients experienced a higher mortality than comparable, medically treated patients (risk ratio 2. Long-term results Few studies have reported long-term results, but they suggest widely varying long-term morbidity and mortality among centres, return of spirometric function and lung volumes towards preoperative baseline and worsening dyspnoea over time [49]. Outcomes Lung transplantation results in improved pulmonary function, exercise capacity and quality of life. Quality of life Quality of life following lung transplantation improves dramatically, in particular for those patients who do not develop chronic rejection [56]. Data on whether transplantation actually confers a survival advantage compared to the natural history of the disease are conflicting [50, 60, 61].

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Usual adult doses (max dose for a large child) Ceftriaxone 2g every 12 hours or 4g every day Cefotaxime 2g every 4 to 6 hours (max 12g daily) Benzylpenicillin 2. For group B streptococcus this is benzylpenicillin, for listeria this is amoxicillin. A clear history of penicillin anaphylaxis is a contraindication to use of penicillin or cephalosporins. A history of non-urticarial skin rash or gastrointestinal upset is not a contraindication to penicillin therapy. The recommended duration of treatment for specifc infections is specifed in Table 3. All clinicians and laboratories should immediately notify cases of suspected meningococcal or H. Notifcation of suspect meningococcal or Hib cases should not be delayed until microbiological confrmation is obtained. A case defnition means the set of clinical or microbiological characteristics by which a case of infectious disease is defned. This information is used to classify the notifcations as possible, probable or confrmed. The classifcation according to the different levels might vary according to the epidemiology of the individual diseases. Prior to this case defnitions for meningococcal disease had already been defned and were used for surveillance. The following case defnitions are used to defne the most commonly reported notifable diseases associated with meningitis. Bacterial meningitis (not otherwise specifed) (case defnition 2012) Clinical criteria Any person with the following clinical picture: bacterial meningitis manifests most commonly with fever, headache, and a stiff neck; the disease may progress rapidly to shock and death. Exceptions: Nosocomial bacterial meningitis directly related to invasive procedures. These cases of meningitis are caused by a different spectrum of microorganisms than cases acquired in the community setting and illness is the result of diverse pathogenic mechanisms. Notifcation of specifed diseases causing meningitis: If a diagnosis of meningitis due to Haemophilus infuenzae, Neisseria meningitidis, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Streptococcus Group B infection (invasive) or another listed bacterial pathogen has been made (even if they are considered to be a nosocomial case), please see the case defnition for the particular disease/pathogen and notify under the relevant disease. Epidemiological criteria An epidemiological link by human to human transmission Case classifcation A.

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When pre-existing tension-type headache is made sig it is typically present interictally, is exacerbated during nicantly worse (usually meaning a twofold or actual headache and increases with the intensity and! At least two of the following four characteristics: probably of pathophysiological importance. These measures are a useful guide for treatment, and add value and credibility to Note: explanations given to the patient. This is more so type headache (or as either subtype of it for which because patients with frequent headaches often suer the criteria are fullled) under the general rule that from both disorders. Stricter diagnostic criteria have denite diagnoses always trump probable diagnoses. Tension-type headache in the hope of excluding migraine that phenotypically resem bles tension-type headache. However, the increase in specicity of the criteria reduces their sensitivity, resulting in larger proportions Diagnostic criteria: of patients whose headaches can be classied only as 2. Increased pericranial tenderness on manual the Classication Committee recommends compari palpation. At least 10 episodes of headache occurring on <1 to moderate intensity, lasting minutes to days. Lasting from 30 minutes to seven days sodic tension-type headache, with daily or very fre C. At least two of the following four characteristics: quent episodes of headache, typically bilateral, 1. Increased pericranial tenderness on manual full all criteria for both these diagnoses; for exam palpation. International Headache Society 2018 38 Cephalalgia 38(1) onset is not remembered or is otherwise uncertain, 2. After drug withdrawal, the diag ache disorder nosis should be re-evaluated: not uncommonly, the C. Nitric oxide synthase inhibitors for the the features required to full all criteria for a type or treatment of chronic tension-type headache. Comment: Patients meeting one of the sets of criteria AshinaM,BendtsenL,JensenR,etal. Tension-type headache and its mechanisms of glyceryl-trinitrate-induced immedi types and subtypes. Abnormal inhibition of nitric oxide synthase on chronic ten pain processing in chronic tension-type headache: A sion-type headache: A randomised crossover trial. Eects of cular and cutaneous pain sensitivity in cephalic induced stress on experimental pain sensitivity in region in patients with chronic tension-type head chronic tension-type headache suerers.

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