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By: V. Campa, M.A.S., M.D.

Professor, Loma Linda University School of Medicine

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Technical report: Pediatric expo sure and potential toxicity of phthalate plasticizers. Banning chemicals usually cloudy and squeezable); called phthalates in childhood products. Avoid canned foods when possible; certain products containing specifed phthalates. All outdoor plants and their leaves, fruit, and stems For general information on plastics and on how to recycle should be considered potentially toxic (1). Di(2-ethylhexyl) adipate: Condensation of the References carcinogenesis bioassay, technical report. The association between Chemicals Used to Control Odors phthalates in dust and allergic diseases among Bulgarian children. Determi nation of bisphenol A concentrations in human biological fuids reveals signifcant early prenatal exposure. Use a mild soap and water solution and disposable as a possible human carcinogen (4), that has no cleaning cleaning supplies. Tese deodorizers only serves to mask odors treated wood, they should be taken to a hazardous waste that should be eliminated by proper cleaning. If this Ingestion of lead paint can result in high levels of lead in is not feasible, replacing the components children come in the blood, which afects the central nervous system and contact with the most. Houses built before 1950 likely contain lead and accessible to children, should be removed by a safe paint, and houses built afer 1950 have less lead in the paint. In large and small family child care homes, faking or deteriorating lead-based paint on any surface accessible to In buildings where lead has been removed from the sur children should be removed or abated according to health faces, lead paint may have contaminated surrounding soil. Where lead paint is removed, the Terefore, the soil in play areas around these buildings surface should be refnished with lead-free paint or non should be tested. Condition of the paint; grassy areas should be tested for excessive lead in a location c. Amount of lead (from paint, chips, soil, or dust) that designated by the health department. Most children with lead tial lead exposure to children and recalls of play equipment, poisoning do not look or act sick. A blood lead test is the toys, jewelry used for play, imported vinyl mini-blinds and only way to know if children are being lead poisoned. The facility phlet called Finding a Qualifed Lead Professional for Your can designate contained play surfaces for infant play on Home, which provides information on how to identify which no one walks with shoes.

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It presents as infuenza ?like immune globulin as well as a 5 part series illness with fever, headache, myalgia, of the rabies vaccine, 1. Mild systemic effects fever vaccination is a requirement for like headache, nausea, and myalgia entry into several countries in the sub can also happen. In addition, it is highly l Approximately 6% of persons requiring recommended when traveling to certain boosters can get an immune-like countries in South America including reaction characterized by urticaria, Brazil, Colombia, parts of Venezuela and pruritus or malaise. It is no longer used in to all traveler aged > 9 months of most developed countries. The vaccine is only available at internationally certifed centers that carry contraindications an offcial ?Uniform Stamp which can be l History of allergy to the vaccine and used to validate the standardized yellow anaphylaxis to egg or chicken proteins card, called an International Certifcate (for the chick embryo vaccine only) are of Vaccination or Prophylaxis. Vaccination of infants between 6-9 months can be considered, For all eligible persons, a single dose if benefts outweigh the risk. However, such waivers do not guarantee entry into the Common adverse reactions include mild destination country. Similarly, pregnant persons Yellow fever associated viscerotropic who cannot postpone or avoid travel disease is a severe illness, similar to to such a country, may, in special a wild type viral disease with acute circumstances, be given the vaccine dissemination in all organs, often leading because the risk of contracting the to multisystem organ failure and death. Vaccine vaccinating one segment of society can preventable communicable illnesses have far reaching results not only on must become an important pillar in the that sub-population but on those who overall wellbeing of the entire social are in immediate contact. One of the goals A primary course for adults is a 3 dose is more people protected against more series of tetanus and diphtheria diseases. This goal can only be fulflled containing vaccines; usually Td, at 0, 4 by expanding the reach of immunization and 12 weeks. For adults who have not to populations beyond infancy to include received a dose of Tdap previously, one adolescents as well as adults. If for immunity and if non-immune frst dose already pregnant, vaccination should be after delivery. Herpes zoster vaccine Measles and Mumps Given the severe morbidity associated with post-herpetic neuralgia in the elderly, Adults who were born before 1957 are considered immune. Those born after a single dose of herpes zoster vaccine is should have either documented evidence indicated for all adults over 60 years of of immunity or a history of clinical disease. Dose should be given regardless of If neither present, 1 or more doses of prior episode of Zoster. Seasonal Infuenza Vaccine Rubella All international regulatory bodies All women of child bearing age should recommend vaccination of all adults have documentation of rubella immunity with infuenza vaccine annually. If not immune, only 1 dose of should be taken to take only the rubella containing vaccine should be parenteral, inactivated vaccine if any given and counseling should be provided immunocompromised state exists. All adults should be evaluated for Recommended vaccines for high risk medical conditions that place them in the groups are summarized in Table 12 Table 12: Recommended vaccinations in high risk groups.

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American Academy of Pediatrics Pennsylvania Chapter, Health Child Care Pennsylvania. Health Link Online and fumes from drifting into those areas where children are 21:3. Staff should check on a regular sturdy, safe, and in good repair and should meet the recom basis to ensure that toys and equipment used by children mendations of the U. Of q) Tip-over hazards, such as chests, bookshelves, and particular importance are recalls related to cribs, bassinets, televisions. Children have died in child care 15,000 children younger than eighteen years of age visited settings from injury related to sleep equipment that had emergency departments annually for injuries received from been recalled. Disrepair may Subscribers can note that they only want to receive recalls expose objects that are hazardous to children. Tables should be between waist and mid before allowing them to be placed in a child care facility. When children use chairs that are and fabric but can be killed by frequent washing and use too high for them, they are at risk for falling. Carpets, porous fabrics, and other When a material cannot be cleaned and sanitized it should surfaces that trap soil and potentially contaminated materi be discarded. If the mites or components of furnishings or supplies should be surface is clean, no residue will appear in the rinse water. People are exposed to going indoors; by breathing contaminated air from pressed wood furniture, h) Clean area rugs with biodegradable cleaners; fooring, and after application of certain paints, fabrics, and household cleaners. If the staff places fur surfaces should be permitted in areas that are likely to be nishings in such a way that they create large runways, chil contaminated by body fuids or in areas used for activities dren will run in this area. Chairs and other furnishings that children ing of foors and walls is developmentally appropriate in all can easily climb should be kept away from cabinets and age groups, but especially among very young children, the shelves to discourage children from climbing to a dangerous same group that is most susceptible to infectious disease. A smooth, nonporous surface prevents deteriora safety tips: tion and mold and is easier to clean and sanitize; therefore, a) Verify that furniture is stable on its own (for added helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Chapter 5: Facilities 240 Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standards Cracked or porous foors cannot be kept clean and sanitary. Rugs without the principles to support these recommendations (see friction backing or underlayment and uncovered telephone Comments) are standard principles of ergonomics, in which jacks or electrical outlets in foors are tripping hazards. Surface mate In a statewide (Wisconsin) survey of health status, behav rials must not pose health, safety, or fre hazards. Although carpeted foors may be more comfortable b) Small, stable stepladders, stairs, and similar equip to walk and play on, smooth foor surfaces provide a better ment to enable children to climb to the changing environment for children with allergies (2). When facilities use carpeting or sound-absorbing materials on walls and ceilings, these materials must not be used in this standard is not intended to interfere with child-adult areas where contamination with body fuids or food is likely interactions or to create hazards for children. Thus, carpeted walls can be made in the environment to minimize hazards and should not be present around the diaper change areas, in injuries for both children and adults. Adult furniture has to toilet rooms, in food preparation areas, or where food is be available at least for break times, staff meetings, etc.

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Executive order Order states that individuals shall remain in their homes unless leaving to attend essential activities. When out they shall maintain the social distancing of a minimum of 6 ft each other and groups should not contain more than 10 people. People will not be allowed in public streets or places unless they are traveling to or from work. The mayor also ordered social distancing throughout the city, meaning people should stay at least six feet away from others ?to the extent possible. The mayor ordered that bars, nightclubs, lounges and taverns close, except to provide takeout, pickup and delivery food. These businesses are not allowed to have more than 10 employees and 10 customers indoors at any time and must be closed from 11 p. Liquor stores can only provide curbside delivery and have no more than 10 employees inside at one time. Under the order, barbershops, beauty shops and nail salons cannot have more than 10 employees and 10 customers inside at one time. City of Jackson and the City of Natchez have imposed a dine-in restriction, take-out and delivery only. On-premises dining and beverage businesses are still encouraged to provide delivery, takeout, and drive-up options. March 24, 2020: Governor Steve Bullock issued a directive extending closures and updating social distancing requirements and guidance. Non-essential social and recreational gatherings of individuals outside of a home or place of residence of greater than 10 people are prohibited immediately, if a distance of 6 feet between individuals cannot be maintained. Under normal circumstances, restaurants cannot sell packaged foods like loaves of bread or cartons of eggs that do Last Updated: 4/16/2020 Edition ServSafe Compliance Page 51 not have nutrition labels. The Governor explained that the intent of the change is to give Nebraskans greater access to food, while also helping restaurants add another revenue stream during the pandemic. March 30, 2020: Governor Pete Ricketts held a press conference to announce that the State of Nebraska has extended statewide social distancing restrictions through April 30, 2020. Earlier in March, the State of Nebraska issued social distancing restrictions for the entire state. The previously announced restrictions, which have now been extended, can be found by clicking here. These establishments should practice social distancing seating customers apart from one another whenever possible. The situation will continue to be monitored and restaurants should watch closely for updates.

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