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By: B. Sivert, M.B.A., M.D.

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In addition, an electronic literature search was conducted and Chapter 9: Process Report. The chart below outlines the criteria used to identify, select Articles that group members felt were important to the and appraise new studies on acute shoulder pain. Search Strategy the following databases were searched in August 2002: Sensitive searches were performed; electronic searches were. When necessary, >A etiology and Prevalence ancillary investigations can be used astutely. Alerting features of Acute shoulder pain has many possible sources, including all serious conditions are summarised in Table 7. M anagement diseases, injuries and other impairments that invoke nocicep of serious conditions is outside the scope of these guidelines. The following information is Fractures and Dislocations provided as a means to familiarise clinicians with some of the M ajor trauma is the common cause of fracture in otherwise possible causes of acute shoulder pain; it is not intended as a healthy people. Resultant injuries acute shoulder pain by systematically eliminating the possible include disruption of the shaft, avulsion of the greater causes are likely to be confounded by the unreliability of clin tuberosity and more subtle lesions such as Hill-Sachs compres ical methods and the variability in the understanding and sion fracture of the humeral head. Osteomalacia is another disorder of bone metabolism They in turn may be classified, broadly, as: leading to poor bone mineralisation, osteopaenia and tendency. The best response to the danger of serious Other medical conditions in which bones are prone to conditions is vigilance. O ne is osteogenesis on knowledge of the conditions and the potential for their exis imperfecta, a hereditary disorder of collagen synthesis causing 124 Evidence-based M anagem ent of Acute M usculoskeletal Pain Chapter 7. M echanical conditions involving Sprain, subluxation or dislocation of articulations (glenohumeral joint patho-anatomical entities acromioclavicular joint, sternoclavicular joint) Tear, contracture of joint capsules (glenohumeral joint, acromioclavicular joint, sternoclavicular joint) Effusion of bursae (subacromial bursa, others) Sprain, tear of ligaments (glenohumeral ligaments, acromioclavicular ligaments, sternoclavicular ligaments) Sprain, tear of muscles and tendons (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, subscapularis, deltoid, others) Conditions Referring Pain to the Shoulder Extrinsic neurological conditions Central pain syndromes; nerve root syndromes; peripheral nerve irritation Somatic conditions Cervical zygapophyseal joint impairment (especially at the C5?6 and C6?7 spinal levels); cervical intervertebral disc impairment (especially at the C5?6 and C6?7 spinal levels); cervical muscle impairment Visceral conditions Pericardial irritation; pleural irritation; diaphragmatic peritoneal irritation; liver and gall bladder disease; vascular conditions (myocardial ischaemic pain, variant angina pectoris, aortic aneurysm, thoracic outlet syndrome) (Brown 1983) brittle bones and lax ligaments; about two-thirds of those. The proximal humerus is the third most 1 199 1 common long bone site of tumour formation, after the distal Clinicians should be alert to the potential for rare, serious conditions femur and the proximal tibia (Kaempffe 1995). Intrinsic neurological conditions are those primarily involving Secondary malignancies in the bones of the shoulder mainly local neural structures of the shoulder (Bateman 1983). Their primary sites include lung, breast, prostate, kidney and thyroid (W elch 1994). M echanical Conditions Soft tissue tumours in the shoulder include primaries such M echanical musculoskeletal disorders are characterised by as malignant fibrous histiocytoma (in those aged 50 to 70 altered biomechanical function. In the broadest sense, most years), synovial chondromas (Buess and Friedrich 2001) and conditions have biomechanical implications. Disorders termed sarcomas (in younger people) and a variety of secondaries mechanical are those in which changes of function are the including local extension of an apical carcinoma of lung or principal features. Less unaffected tissue is then available for or a history of penetrating injury, including medical procedures. M echanical transduction occurs Inflammatory arthropathies are difficult to identify in the early when the force applied to a particular A?


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Misoprostol, a synthetic prostaglandin E1 analogue, was initially used to treat peptic ulcers caused by prostaglandin synthetase inhibitors, and was approved by the U. Food and Drug Administration labeling on Cytotec (misoprostol) use and pregnancy 2003). Because the misoprostol has powerful uterotropic and uterotonic effect, there have been many researches to conduct clinical trials to learn how to administrate this agent under consideration of safety for labor induction since 1992 (Keirse 1993; Sanchez Ramos et al. The fetal hypoxia resulted from uterine hyperstimulation under administration of misoprostol is always a concern (Bennett et al. The recommended dosage of misoprostol so far is 50 mcg per 4 hours via oral route (Alfirevic &Weeks 2006) or 25 mcg per 4 hours via vaginal route (Weeks &Alfirevic 2006), but the induction interval is too long. In consideration of individuals with different metabolism and response, the fixed-dosage of misoprostol will give risk of fetal hypoxia. Therefore, the individualized administrating method of titrated oral misoprostol against uterine response was developed (Cheng et al. Principle of titrated oral misoprostol administration according to uterine response and pharmacokinetics After misoprostol is absorbed, it undergoes rapid de-esterification to its free acid, which is responsible for its clinical activity and is detectable in plasma (Zieman et al. Because 2 Cesarean Delivery the minimal effect and toxicity of serum concentration of misoprostol acid for uterus at term are unknown, the rationale for titrated administration stems from the proven efficacy and pharmacokinetics of misoprostol, and the extreme interindividual and intraindividual variation in terms of uterine sensitivity (Cheng et al. To avoid uterine hyperstimulation and shorten the interval of labor course, the principle is that misoprostol should be administered in small, frequent doses (one dose per hour generally), titrated against uterine response and analogous to the conventional titrated use of oxytocin. The misoprostol is manufactured as an oral tablet 100 or 200 mcg so far and is water-soluble. Because the absorption is more rapid and possibly more predictable, with a peak serum concentration after oral administration of 34 minutes and a half-life of 20?40 minutes (Zieman et al. This method virtually maintains a steady serum level of misoprostol acid without large fluctuations and increases by one and one third the peak serum concentration of 20 mcg absorptive misoprostol every four hours. Mathematic Model of Titrated Oral Misoprostol How to Manage Labor Induction or Augmentation to Decrease the Cesarean Deliveries Rate 3 3. Clinical pharmacology of misoprostol Misoprostol does not affect the hepatic mixed function oxidase enzyme systems. In patients with varying degrees of renal impairment, an approximate doubling of T1/2, peak serum concentration (Cmax), and area under the serum concentration curve were found when compared with normal patients, but no clear correlation between the degree of impairment and area under the serum concentration curve was shown. No routine dosage adjustment is recommended in older patients or patients with renal impairment. Misoprostol does not produce clinically significant effects on serum levels of prolactin, gonadotropin, thyroid stimulating hormone, growth hormone, thyroxine, cortisol, gastrointestinal hormones, creatinine, or uric acid. Neither gastric emptying, immunologic competence, platelet aggregation, pulmonary function, nor the cardiovascular system is modified by the recommended doses of misoprostol. Therefore, the use of misoprostol is not contraindicated with renal disease, severe anemia, systemic lupus erythematosus, hypertension, or heart disease. Risk of misoprostol administration the uterine rupture is the unwanted risk no matter what it happen to women with or without previous caesarean surgery.

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It is seen m ost com m only in anim als given glucose intravenously ju st prior to death, especially in the foal. In some o f these cases the cortex m ay be so reduced that the kidney m ay actually be reduced in size due to the autolysis o f the renal cortex. It show s yellow -green and dull when more chronic, w ith urine effect on the dead tissue. Finally, w hen extrem ely chronic it leaves an irregular cavity ju st under the cribri form plate area o f the renal crest, w here the collecting tubules em pty into the renal pelvis, or in even more extensive cases leaving essentially no m e dullary tissue. Ox: Norm ally, calves are bom w ith cystic structures on the tips o f the m e dulla, w hich disappear early. Sheep/Goat: Sheep and goats usually develop this lesion w hen given a prolonged course o f nonsteroidal drugs. Dehydration Salts In m ost species with im pedim ent to norm al fluid flow distal to the cortical infarct and under the infarct, dehydration al lows urinary salts to precipitate, leaving distinct w hite lines in the medulla. These will dissolve out during histology prep aration and not be seen on glass slides. In severely dehydrat ed young anim als, dehydration salts m ay involve alm ost the entire m edulla, especially in piglets. These represent bacterial infection, usually considered ascending from a low er urinary tract infection, because they are to be seen in both m e dulla and cortical areas. The renal pelvis likew ise has purulent debris or eroded surfaces o f the pelvis and m edulla. It should be noted that som e cases m ay have both pelvis and cortex involved w ithout grossly observable m edullary lesions. Ox: In the ox, a very strong odor o f am m onia is usually noted in the affected kidney as the usual agent, A rcanobacterium (Corynebacterium renale), has urease capable o f breaking down nitrogenous w astes to am m onia w hile m any other organism s do not. The ox m ay have severe ureteritis w ith sw elling and necrotic debris in one or both ureters. The urinary tract may be extraordinarily enlarged 2 -3 tim es (hydronephrosis) with pus. In the normal m ultiple lobular kidney o f the cow, m any lobules, or parts thereof, m ay not be involved, again suggesting an ascending infection, not an em bolic (descending) infec tion w hich w ould usually show er all lobules. Renal Masses M asses from tiny (1 mm) up to m assive (10-20 cm), or even replacing the entire kidney, m ay be caused by alm ost any m etastatic tum or from the body; or even ill-defined other types o f m asses as parasitic or infectious foci. In several species, lym phosarcom a, for in stance, m ay be nodular, but it m ay also be a diffuse tum or and even o f the corticom edullary zone only. W ith few exceptions, renal tum ors them selves exist but are not that com m on in anim als. Ox: Lym phosarcom a m ay be nodular around the renal pelvis and ureter or diffuse in the corticom edullary areas alone. Dog: 1-5 or m ore m ultiple, firm, white m asses at the corticom edullary junction are usually so-called cortical fibrom as.

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The hamstrings, or posterior chain tissue extensibility, may also be limited, but the joint mobility would be a priority. Finally, the patient assumes a prone rock position looking at the curvature of the lumbar spine in an unloaded position (another component of the ability to perform multisegmental flexion in a weight-bearing position). If limited, this would be a lumbar joint mobility dysfunction or tissue extensibility dysfunction, and if normal, it would be considered a normal finding in this example. The patient then performs the long sit test, reaching for the toes and able to touch with a uniform spinal curve and a normal sacral angle. Each of the top tier movements has specific criteria that must be met to consider the pattern functional. Use these movements as measures of success after intervention for the painful movement patterns. Address pain before or while performing breakouts to identify the impairments leading to the dysfunctional movement and pain. If dysfunctional nonpainful patterns are present those should be addressed and then painful patterns reassessed to determine whether pain has decreased or resolved. A tissue extensibility dysfunction is limitation of a joint as a result of active or passive muscle insufficiency, neural tension, facial adhesions, lack of muscle lengthening, hypertrophy, trigger points, or fibrotic tissue. Joint mobility dysfunction is a limitation of or within the joint as a result of conditions such as osteoarthritis, osteoarthrosis, fusion, or adhesive capsulitis. A tissue extensibility dysfunction is an extraarticular limitation of a joint or region such as active or passive muscle insufficiency, neural tension, facial adhesions, lack of muscle lengthening, hypertrophy, trigger points, or fibrotic tissue. The inability to coordinate muscle control or asymmetry because of a lack of stabilization leads to dysfunctional movement. An example of this would be reduced active cervical rotation in sitting but full active cervical rotation in supine. Unloading of the spine, and stabilization of the scapulothoracic complex in supine, allows for full active range of motion, which is not achieved in sitting. When looking at the developmental sequence, the first large movement pattern humans develop is that of fundamental rolling from supine to prone and prone to supine. The activity of rolling would be considered a motor control issue if it is dysfunctional. Each pattern is performed by keeping the nonleading extremities completely relaxed. Upper extremity lead patterns also make use of the head and neck throughout the pattern. Intrarater reliability ranges from good to poor when using a criterion checklist scoring tool.

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