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By: D. Sanford, M.A., M.D., M.P.H.

Vice Chair, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine

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An airman must again show to the satisfaction of the Federal Air Surgeon that the duties authorized by the class of medical certificate applied for can be performed without endangering public safety in order to obtain a new medical certificate and/or a Re-Authorization. If an Authorization is withdrawn at any time, the following procedures apply: the holder of the Authorization will be served a letter of withdrawal, stating the reason for the action; By not later than 60 days after the service of the letter of withdrawal, the holder of the Authorization may request, in writing, that the Federal Air Surgeon provide for review of the decision to withdraw. Therefore, information should not be released without the written consent of the applicant or an order from a court of competent jurisdiction. Examiners shall certify at the time of designation, re-designation, or upon request that they shall protect the privacy of medical information. No "Alternate" Examiners Designated the Examiner is to conduct all medical examinations at their designated address only. An Examiner is not permitted to conduct examinations at a temporary address and is not permitted to name an alternate Examiner. Age Requirements There is no age restriction or aviation experience requirement for medical certification. Any applicant who qualifies medically may be issued a Medical Certificate regardless of age. There are, however, minimum age requirements for the various airman certificates. Classes of Medical Certificates An applicant may apply and be granted any class of airman medical certificate as long as the applicant meets the required medical standards for that class of medical certificate. However, an applicant must have the appropriate class of medical certificate for the flying duties the airman intends to exercise. That same pilot when holding only a third-class medical certificate may only exercise privileges of a private pilot certificate. Listed below are the three classes of airman medical certificates, identifying the categories of airmen. First-Class Airline Transport Pilot Second-Class Commercial Pilot; Flight Engineer; Flight Navigator; or Air Traffic Control Tower Operator. Operations Not Requiring a Medical Certificate Glider and Free Balloon Pilots are not required to hold a medical certificate of any class. To be issued Glider or Free Balloon Airman Certificates, applicants must certify that they do not know, or have reason to know, of any medical condition that would make 15 Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners them unable to operate a glider or free balloon in a safe manner. For more information about the sport pilot final rule, see the Certification of Aircraft and Airmen for the Operation of Light-Sport Aircraft; Final Rule. First-Class Medical Certificate: A first-class medical certificate is valid for the remainder of the month of issue; plus 6-calendar months for operations requiring a first-class medical certificate if the airman is age 40 or over on or before the date of the examination, or plus 12-calendar months for operations requiring a first-class medical certificate if the airman has not reached age 40 on or before the date of examination 12-calendar months for operations requiring a second-class medical certificate, or plus 24-calendar months for operations requiring a third-class medical certificate, or plus 60-calendar months for operations requiring a third-class medical certificate if the airman has not reached age 40 on or before the date of examination. Second-Class Medical Certificate: A second-class medical certificate is valid for the remainder of the month of issue; plus 12-calendar months for operations requiring a second-class medical certificate, or plus 24-calendar months for operations requiring a third-class medical certificate, or plus 60-calendar months for operations requiring a third-class medical certificate if the airman has not reached age 40 on or before the date of examination.

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Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners Do Not Issue. New antibiotics, lipid-lowering drugs, and antihypertensive medications may be considered earlier than one year. Airmen should not fly while using any of the medications in the Do Not Issue section above or while using any of the medications or classes/groups of medications listed below without an acceptable wait time after the last dose. All of these medications may cause sedation (drowsiness) and impair cognitive function, seriously degrading pilot performance. For example, there is a 30-hour wait time for a medication that is taken every 4 to 6 hours (5 times 6) Label warnings. Medications such as loratadine, desloratadine, and fexofenadine may be used while flying, if symptoms are controlled without adverse side effects after an adequate initial trial period. This includes but is not limited to morphine, codeine, oxycodone (Percodan, Oxycontin), and hydrocodone (Lortab, Vicodin, etc. This includes all drugs used as an aid to outpatient surgical or dental procedures. The wait time after diphenhydramine is 60 hours (based on maximum pharmacologic half-life). Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners the list of medications referenced below provides aeromedical guidance about specific medications or classes of pharmaceutical preparations and is applied by using sound aeromedical clinical judgment. For applicants using oral isotretinoin (Accutane), there is a mandatory 2-week waiting period after starting isotretinoin prior to consideration. This medication can be associated with vision and psychiatric side effects of aeromedical concern specifically decreased night vision/ night blindness and depression. A report must be provided with detailed, specific comment on presence or absence of psychiatric and vision side-effects. For example, if the medication is taken every 4-6 hours, wait 30 hours (5x6) after the last dose to fly, or, o At least five times the maximum terminal elimination half-life has passed. For example, if the medication half-life* is 6-8 hours, wait 40 hours (5x8) after the last dose to fly. The applicant should report frequency and duration of symptoms, any incapacitation by the condition, treatment, and side effects. The applicant should provide history and treatment, pertinent medical records, current status report, and medication. The applicant should describe the condition to include, dates, symptoms, treatment, and provide medical reports to assist in the certification decision-making process.

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Cyclotella, Results Gomphonema Diatoms were identified at genus level; Naviculla, Nitzschia, Gomphonema, Synedra, 93 J Indian Acad Forensic Med. The weakness of in acute drowning is hypoxemia and bi this test is that it can be erroneously termed 7 reversible cerebral anoxia. The diagnosis of positive due drowning for bodies freshly retrieved from water the diatoms database from Indore is mainly based on some "drowning signs", such region shows occurrence of Navicula and as the presence of fine froth at the mouth or Nitzschia genus in most of the water bodies. Relative decomposed corpses and skeletonised bodies proportions of these diatoms, particularly found in water, the diagnosis of drowning is dominating diatoms in sample water, are rather difficult because those "drowning signs" important for diatom test. Therefore, a great number of the diatoms found in biological specimen (bone tests have been proposed to allow a marrow/tissue) showed significant similarities, confirmation of death by drowning of a victim. According to Peabody, diatom count percentage wise occurrence of drowning can be used to discriminate between drowning associated diatoms in water bodies under study. Seasonal variation usually occurs in contaminants may be due to ingested material, quantity of diatoms in a water body, however or from contaminated glassware or even from diatoms tend to show recurrence in respective 8 cigar. Hence crux of diatom test is based on water bodies with similar relative proportions 5 analysis and comparison with diatoms of sample among various genera. D-mapping for forensic purpose has update by continous monitoring of diatom profile been attempted in various regions of India in water bodies. Literature lacks diatom database from of drowning associated diatoms of Indore region. This D-mapping gives qualitative and quantitative distributions of diatoms in different water bodies of this region. Role of diatom test forensic pathologists in solving the drowning in forensic science for examination of drowning cases, particularly when reference water sample cases. Acknowledgement: Diagnosing death with diatoms: a retrospective We would like to acknowledge Anurag Sahu, study of forensic cases in himachal pradesh, Assistant Professor, Department of Forensic Science, india. Forensic Geoscience: mapping of water bodies for the diagnosis of applications of geology, geomorphology and drowning cases. Role of diatoms in the world of forensic diatoms in 24 different water bodies of Haryana, science. Medicine and Toxicology Available from: Forensic identifications of drowning death by the 20. Application of simple enzymatic digestion methods for diatom detection in the diagnosis of 11.

Triploid Syndrome

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Right ventricular hypertrophy: i) Pulmonary stenosis and insuffciency ii) Tricuspid insuffciency iii) Mitral stenosis and/or insuffciency iv) Chronic lung diseases. Stress leading to accumulation of excessive volume of blood in a chamber of the heart causes increase in length of myocardial fbres and hence cardiac dilatation as a compensatory mechanism. G/A Thickness of the left ventricular wall (excluding trabeculae carneae and papillary muscles) above 15 mm is indicative of signifcant hypertrophy. In concentric hypertrophy, the lumen of the chamber is smaller than usual, while in eccentric hypertrophy the lumen is dilated. There may be 253 multiple minute foci of degenerative changes and necrosis in the hyper trophied myocardium. It is the most common and important form of heart disease in the early years of life and is present in about 0. However, complex anomalies involving combinations of shunts and obstructions are also often present. In 90% of cases, the defect involves membranous septum and is very close to the bundle of His. The defect lies low in the interatrial septum adjacent to atrioventricular valves. The defect is located high in the interatrial septum near the entry of the superior vena cava. There are two forms of tetralogy: a) Cyanotic tetralogy the effects on the heart are as follows: i) Pressure hypertrophy of the right atrium and right ventricle. In this, the aorta which is normally situated to the right and posterior with respect to the pulmonary trunk, is instead displaced anteriorly and to right. There is complete transposition of the great arteries with aorta arising from the right ventricle and the pulmonary trunk from the left ventricle. Coarctation of aorta is localised narrowing in any part of aorta, but the constriction is more often just distal to ductus arterio sus (postductal or adult), or occasionally proximal to the ductus arteriosus 255 (preductal or infantile type) in the region of transverse aorta. In the stenotic segment, the aorta is drawn in as if a suture has been tied around it. Pulmonary stenosis is caused by fusion of cusps of the pulmonary valve forming a diaphragm-like obstruction. Pulmonary atresia There is no communication between the right ventricle and lungs so that the blood bypasses the right ventricle through an interatrial septal defect. Location Almost all adults show atherosclerotic plaques scattered throughout the coronary arterial system.

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It is eight times slower under soil and two times slower under water compared to air (1:2:8). The bodies of old people do not decompose rapidly, 40 probably owing to less amount of moisture. According to Rodri guez & Bass (1985), the disarticulation usually proceeds from the head to downward (for. For examination of individual bones, please refer chapter 4 on Forensic Osteology. Adipocere is derived from adipo (fat) and cire (wax) and indicates the properties of adipocere intermediate between fat and wax. It usually takes about three weeks for adipocere to develop completely however, in India, Dr Coull Mackenzie found it occurring within 3 to 15 A days in bodies submerged in Hooghly river or buried in damp soil of lower Bengal. Similarly it preserves wounds, if present over body thus help in elucidating cause of death. According to Evans (1962) some diseases could Requirements be recognized on microscopic examination of adipocere 45 48 tissue in a few instances. In acids are hydrolyzed and hydrogenated into hydroxy-fatty other words, tissue will desiccate (mummied) if the con acids. Thus adipocere consists mainly of saturated fatty ditions are too dry whereas if the conditions are too wet, 49 acids like hydroxy-palmatic, oleic, hydroxy-stearic acid. The Clostridium welchii too high, no adipocere formation occurs, as the bacteria secrets toxin containing lecithinase, proteases and phos required for accelerating the process would not be prolif pholipases. Therefore, it is estimated that 47 the optimum growth of adipocere occurs at an ambient that contributes to forming an alkaline environment.

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