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By: H. Ur-Gosh, MD

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Efficacy and safety of the 2% formulation of testosterone topical solution applied to the axillae in androgendeficient men. Testosterone supplementation for erectile dysfunction: Results of a metaanalysis. These agents achieve their therapeutic effect via several different mechanisms of action. Given the paucity of clinical experience and longterm safety data, the 2013 European League against Rheumatism guidelines recommend that tofacitinib should primarily 18 be used when biological treatment has failed. Because the immunomodulators are biologic agents made from living organisms and are extremely difficult to duplicate, congress has struggled to create regulations to approve generic versions of these agents. Currently, none of the agents in this class are available generically; however, the recently upheld Patient Protection and Affordable Care 36 provides a legal framework for regulatory approval of biosimilar drugs. Current Medications Available in the Therapeutic Class Generic Food and Drug Administration Approved Dosage Generic (Trade Name) Indications Form/Strength Availability Abatacept Rheumatoid arthritis (adults only); polyarticular Prefilled (Orencia) juvenile idiopathic arthritis (age fisix years) syringe: 125 mg/mL Single use vial: 250 mg Adalimumab Rheumatoid arthritis (adults only); polyarticular Prefilled pen: (Humira) juvenile idiopathic arthritis (age fifour years); 40 mg/0. Consistently, immunomodulators have shown greater improvement in symptoms over the 41137 comparator. The second study concluded that There was a 64% relative reduction in the risk of flare for patients in the canakinumab group as compared to 69 those in the placebo group (hazard ratio of 0. In one of the trials, secukinumab 300 mg and 150 mg groups were compared to etanercept. In one trial in rheumatoid arthritis patients who were either intolerant or were not candidates for methotrexate treatment, significantly greater improvements were observed in patients treated with tocilizumab compared to 118 adalimumab. In another trial in rheumatoid arthritis patients with inadequate response to methotrexate, similar responses were observed in patients treated with abatacept and 119, 120 adalimumab. The inclusion of adalimumab arm in one phase 3 trial of tofacitinib allowed establishing relative safety and efficacy of tofacitinib; however, formal noninferiority comparison was 121 not performed. The few direct headtohead trials available prevent clearly determining superiority of one agent over another. The approval was based on the results of a single trial 135 demonstrating sustained improvements in affected patients over 60 months. The adverse event profiles are similar across the class; however, routes of administration and dosing frequency may vary. In general, no one agent is preferred over another; however, given the paucity of clinical experience and longterm safety data, the use of tofacitinib for rheumatoid arthritis is 18 recommended primarily after biological treatment has failed. Braun J, van den Berg R, Baraliakos X, Boehm H, BurgosVargas R, CollantesEstevez E, et al. Page 4 of 9 Copyright 2015 Review Completed on 7/30/2015 Therapeutic Class Overview: immunomodulators 20.

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The anterior limit of the larynx is composed of the anterior the superolateral limits are composed of the tip and the or lingual surface of the suprahyoid epiglottis, the thyrohyoid lateral borders of the epiglottis. The supraglottis is composed of the epiglottis (both ovaltoround nodal shape strongly suggest extracapsular its lingual and laryngeal aspects), aryepiglottic folds (laryn (extranodal) tumor spread. The inferior boundary of the supraglottis is a horizon tal plane passing through the lateral margin of the ventricle Distant Metastases. When the glottis is composed of the superior and inferior surfaces distant metastases occur, spread to the lungs is most com of the true vocal cords, including the anterior and posterior mon; skeletal or hepatic metastases occur less often. It occupies a horizontal plane 1 cm in thickness, nal lymph node metastases are considered distant metastases, extending inferiorly from the lateral margin of the ventricle. The true vocal cords are nearly devoid of lymphat accurately assess, document, and biopsy the tumor. Contralateral lymphatic spread is For T1 and T2 tumors of the glottic larynx, crosssectional common. Most masses over 3 cm in diam tant adjunct to identify the presence of submucosal extension, eter are not single nodes but, rather, are confiuent nodes or especially at the anterior commissure where lesions may spread tumor in soft tissues of the neck. The components to describe the N category, regional lymph normal paraglottic space is often difficult to routinely detect at nodes should also be described according to the level of the the level of the true vocal cord due to the close apposition of neck that is involved. Stage T4 (a and b) is difficult to identify based on T2 Tumor extends to supraglottis and/or subglottis, clinical examination alone as the majority of the criteria can and/or with impaired vocal cord mobility not be assessed by endoscopy and palpation. Larynx 59 In order to view this proof accurately, the Overprint Preview Option must be set to Always in Acrobat Professional or Adobe Reader. Also recommended where feasible is those of lymphoid tissue, soft tissue, bone, and cartilage a quantitative evaluation of depth of invasion of the pri. Larynx 61 In order to view this proof accurately, the Overprint Preview Option must be set to Always in Acrobat Professional or Adobe Reader. Alcoholism: independent predictor of survival in patients with head and neck cancer. T4a Tumor invades cricoid or thyroid cartilage and/or invades tissues beyond the larynx. His For the purpose of staging, the nasoethmoidal complex torically, a plane, connecting the medial canthus of the eye is divided into two sites: nasal cavity and ethmoid sinuses. Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinuses 69 In order to view this proof accurately, the Overprint Preview Option must be set to Always in Acrobat Professional or Adobe Reader. Job Name: /381449t In clinical evaluation, the physical size of the nodal mass should be measured. Most masses over 3 cm in diameter are not single nodes but, rather, are confiuent nodes or tumor in soft tissues of the neck. Negative pathologic examination of a lesser number of lymph nodes still mandates a pN0 designation. The assessment of primary maxillary and right, separated by the nasal septum (perpendicular plate sinus, nasal cavity, and ethmoid tumors is based on inspec of ethmoid).

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Furthermore, the existing records that will serve as the basis of many current and even future studies will use earlier and evolving classifcations, so a confounding of classif cation is likely to remain, even in new literature. Data on human hematopoietic stem cells and from the use of knockout Ahr mouse models show that Ahr is critical in hematopoietic stem cell maturation and differentiation (Ahrenhoerster et al. In addition to the occupational associations discussed below, higher rates of the disease have been observed in people who have suppressed or compromised immune systems. Studies of Australian, New Zealander, and Korean veterans who served in Vietnam have also been reviewed. Subsequent fndings have not contradicted those conclusions, especially given that most studies have had low statistical power, as was seen in the current extended followups of occupational cohorts that reported two (Collins et al. Additional information available to the committees responsible for later updates has not changed that conclusion. Those results were replicated in further investigations of the validity of the exposure assessment and potential biases (Hardell, 1981). Risks were not signifcantly increased among the Dow Chemical Company Midland, M ichigan, or Plymouth, New Zealand, chemical production workers, phenoxy herbicide sprayers, or 2, 4D production workers (Bloemen et al. A reanalysis of the data from that study confrmed the fndings on phenoxy herbicides but found that the association with 2, 4D, although still increased, was no longer statisti cally signifcant (McDuffe et al. The results overall were not supportive of any major effect modifcation by these immune conditions. Lymphoid leukemia showed a nonstatistically signifcant decreased risk based on nine lowexposure and fve highexposure deaths. Informa tion on demographics, laboratory and diseaserelated parameters at the time of the initial diagnosis, and the type and number of treatments received was taken from medical records. No other statistically signifcant associations or trends were reported for mortality from other types of cancers. Computerassisted personal interviews were conducted in the home of each participant and included ques tions on demographics, house characteristics, pesticide use in the home and garden, and residential and occupational histories. Dust samples were collected and analyzed from vacuum cleaners for participants who had used their vacuum cleaner within the past year and owned at least half of their carpets or rugs for 5 years or more. Cases were matched to 270 healthy controls by center, age, gender, and date of blood collection.

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Other rare congenital nasal masses and may be partial, complete, unilateral, or bilateral. Maxillary are nasoalveolar (incisive canal) cysts, dentigerous cysts, mucous hypoplasia with prognathism often accompanies bilateral clefts. B also shows normal foramen cecum (lower black arrow) and crista A B galli (upper black arrow). Craniofacial clefts (facial, cranial, or combined) extend along Craniofacial Syndromes continuous axes through the eyebrow or eyelid, maxilla, nose, and Bilateral coronal craniosynostosis may be associated with craniofa lip. Associated syndromes head, orbits (hypertelorism, exorbitism), midface, and anterior include median cleft syndrome, Treacher Collins syndrome, cranial base. Cloverleaf craniofacial anomaly results from mul hemifacial microsomia, amniotic band syndrome, otomandibular tiple craniosynostoses and is also associated with extensive syndrome, and Goldenhar syndrome. Goldenhar syndrome (oculoauriculoverte sis (autosomal dominant) characterized by bilateral zygomatic, bral syndrome) is a mandibulofacial dysostosis with hemifacial malar, and mandibular hypoplasia. Also common microsomia, epibulbar dermoids or lipodermoids, and vertebral are microtia (external and middle ear hypoplasia), colobomata, anomalies. The auricle and external ear (membranous and bony portions) begin development along with the mandible. The middle ear cavity expands and incorpo rates the tympanic membrane, eustachian tube, auditory ossicles (malleus, incus, stapes), muscles (tensor tympani and stapedius), their tendons and ligaments, the round and oval windows, and the chorda tympani nerve, and then gives rise to the attic and mastoid antrum. The inner ear forms from the otic vesicle, which gives rise to the membranous labyrinth. The membranous labyrinth contains endolymph, is surrounded by perilymph, and is enclosed within the bony labyrinth (otic capsule). The facial nerve extends from the (long arrows), bilateral maxillary sinus mucosal thickening, small cysts (c), internal auditory canal into the facial nerve canal, which has and occlusion of the left ostiomeatal complex (arrowheads). Pneumatization of the mastoid occurs tiomeatal complex obstruction with infiammation. Mastoid disease Endoscopic or open surgical procedures may be necessary for is characterized by decreased aeration, mucosal thickening, correction. Nasal septal deviation is common and is often asso edema, accumulation of fiuid, bony demineralization, and bone ciated with asymmetry or deformity of adjacent structures. The complex may be unilateral, bilateral, isolated, or associ (infraorbital; may obstruct the maxillary sinus infundibulum), ated with syndromes. Complete (osseous) atresia consists of a bony atresia plate Dilated vestibular aqueduct (diameter > 1.

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