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By: Z. Shawn, M.B. B.CH. B.A.O., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Co-Director, Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

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Social Psychological Processes in Multiple-Perpetrator Sexual Assault Due to the involvement of more than one offender, perpetration in multiple-perpetrator sexual assault may be considered in the context of research on social processes. Interpersonal and group involvement appears to result, in part, from individual needs to belong and form bonds with others (Baumeister and Leary, 1995). In an effort to belong, a person may evaluate their own beliefs and actions against the beliefs and actions of others, including those of the group they wish to gain or maintain membership in (Festinger, 1954). If there is correspondence between the individual and group beliefs or behaviors, beliefs or behaviors may become more extreme (Myers, 1978). This would suggest that correspondence between mildly sexually violent thoughts and actions among those in a group may contribute to the performance of more extreme behaviors, including multiple-perpetrator sexual assault. Other theories support a related notion of group polarization through conformity to group norms. If there is no correspondence between the individual and the group, the group may pressure or threaten the individual to conform, and thus, an individual may be pressured into engaging in multiple perpetrator sexual assault (Harkins and Dixon, 2010). Another social-psychological process often attributed to offender participation in multiple perpetrator sexual assault is that of deindividuation (Harkins and Dixon, 2010). De-individuation involves a loss of individuality and a loss of self-awareness or self-monitoring. This may be more likely to arise when individuals perceive little personal responsibility. Offenders may participate in multiple-perpetrator sexual assault because they perceive themselves as being subsumed by the group and lose their sense of self. Multiple-Perpetrator Sexual Assault in the Military A handful of other studies have explored the characteristics of multiple-perpetrator sexual assault in the military. In one international sample involving 223 offenses collected from archival sources dating from 1945 to 2001, 22 percent of offenses involved offenders who were currently in or had been in the military (Porter and Alison, 2006). Most of the military members involved in multiple-perpetrator sexual assault conducted the offenses on U. Notably, most offenders with a military background were involved in cases dating from 1945 to 1979, with fewer involved in multiple-perpetrator sexual assault from 1980 to 2001. This suggests temporal changes in the involvement of military members in multiple perpetrator sexual assault following the shift to an all-volunteer force. Further, it was suggested that a combination of combat stress and poor oversight of these individuals contributed to the assaults. Conclusion Although research on multiple-perpetrator sexual assault is limited, extant studies suggest that many of the characteristics of multiple-perpetrator sexual assault and multiple-perpetrator sexual assault offenders differ from those of lone-perpetrator sexual assault. As such, it is worthwhile to consider multiple-perpetrator sexual assault as separate and distinct from lone-perpetrator sexual assault. Research suggests that young men in hypermasculine, limited-oversight contexts who are under the influence of substances may be more likely to engage in multiple-perpetrator sexual assault.

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On occasion, blizzards have overwhelmed the citys ability to keep roads passable. The most common problem associated with extreme winter weather is poor road conditions that either make roads impassable or cause vehicular accidents. Vehicular accidents due to poor road conditions are the greatest losses that occur during winter weather events. Winter storms and cold spells typically do not cause major structural damage in Bozeman, however, heavy snow loads have the potential to collapse roofs and break tree limbs. Buildings must be designed to withstand a snow load of 30 pounds per square foot minimum. An earthquake of magnitude 8 or larger on the Richter Scale is termed a great earthquake. Gallatin County is located in a zone of earthquake activity known as the Intermountain seismic belt. Figure 4-1 below shows the occurrence and magnitude of earthquakes within the northern portion of the Intermountain Seismic Belt. The magnitude of an earthquake, as measured on the Richter scale, reflects the energy release of an earthquake. The intensity of an earthquake is gauged by the perceptions and reactions of observers as well as the types and amount of damage. An earthquake rated as a I, would not be felt except by very few people under especially favorable circumstances. Buildings not constructed to meet the standards for the seismic zone would experience considerable damage with partial collapse. Shaking in Dillon lightly damaged the courthouse and broke windows and was strongly felt in Butte, but resulted in little damage owing to the small population at this early state of Montanas settlement. The 1925 quake was felt over a region of nearly 305,000 square miles and is estimated to have been 6. Schools, churches, and other buildings of masonry construction were heavily damaged in the nearby towns of Three Forks, Logan and Manhattan. In addition to building damage, rock falls and landslides blocked railroad lines passing through the area, trapping passengers. The new Helena High School was completely destroyed, and about 60 percent of the buildings in town suffered structural damage. The epicentral area was uninhabited and virtually no tourists were in the surrounding region given the late season.

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