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By: S. Lee, M.A., M.D.

Associate Professor, Louisiana State University

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Depression and anxiety are closely linked and may be part of a single emotional response to stroke. Furthermore, many people with stroke are troubled by psychological distress that does not meet diagnostic criteria for depression and anxiety. A survey of long term needs found that nearly three-quarters of people with emotional difficulties felt their needs had not been fully met (McKevitt et al, 2011). If possible, assessment measures should be adapted for use with people with mild aphasia, and several have been designed specifically for people with more severe aphasia. Evidence to recommendations the previous edition of the guideline was largely based on three Cochrane reviews: treating anxiety (Campbell Burton et al, 2011), and preventing and treating depression (Hackett et al, 2009a, Hackett et al, 2009b). For anxiety, psychological interventions and drug treatments appear useful (Campbell Burton et al, 76 2011, Mead et al, 2012). More research is needed into psychological interventions for anxiety after stroke. For preventing depression, there is insufficient evidence for drug therapy (Hackett et al, 2009a, Tsai et al, 2011). Brief psychological interventions, such as motivational interviewing or problem-solving therapy, may help prevent and treat depression (Hackett et al, 2009a, Watkins et al, 2011). Drug treatments alone (Hackett et al, 2009b, Mead et al, 2012) or in combination with psychological interventions (Mitchell et al, 2009) may be helpful in treating depression. For treating low mood (psychological distress), individual behavioural therapy from an assistant psychologist was more effective than usual care at improving mood in people with aphasia after stroke (Thomas et al, 2013). B People with or at risk of depression or anxiety after stroke should be offered brief psychological interventions such as motivational interviewing or problem-solving therapy (adapted if necessary for use with people with aphasia or cognitive problems) before considering antidepressant medication. C People with mild or moderate symptoms of psychological distress, depression or anxiety after stroke should be given information, support and advice and considered for one or more of the following interventions: ‒ increased social interaction; ‒ increased exercise; ‒ other psychosocial interventions such as psychosocial education groups. D People with aphasia and low mood after stroke should be considered for individual behavioural therapy. E People with depression or anxiety after stroke who are treated with antidepressant medication should be monitored for adverse effects and treated for at least four months beyond initial recovery. If the person’s mood has not improved after 2-4 weeks, medication adherence should be checked before considering a dose increase or a change to another antidepressant. F People with severe or persistent symptoms of emotional disturbance after stroke should receive specialist assessment and treatment from a clinical neuropsychologist/clinical psychologist. G People with persistent moderate to severe emotional disturbance after stroke who have not responded to high intensity psychological intervention or pharmacological treatment should be considered for collaborative care. Around 20% of people with stroke are affected in the first six months and although frequency decreases by 12 months, more than 10% remain affected (Hackett et al, 2010).


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Epidemiology 2000, the annual mortality rate per Iodine deficiency is thought to be involved Carcinoma of the thyroid gland is an 100,000 people was 0. Thyroid cancer causes because thyroid cancer incidence rates common malignancy of the endocrine sys some 26,000 deaths every year. Generally, thyroid cancer accounts for approximately 1% of total Etiology cancer cases in developed countries. An association between thyroid cancer There are about 122,000 new cases per and exposure to ionizing radiation was year worldwide. Many stud Incidence of this disease is particularly ies have documented the increased risk of high in Iceland and Hawaii, where the rate papillary or follicular thyroid carcinoma in is nearly twice that in North European individuals exposed to X and γ-rays [3]. In Hawaii, the the risk of radiation-induced cancer is incidence rate of thyroid cancer in all eth considerably greater in those exposed as nic groups is higher than in the same eth young children than as adults. Before the nic group living in their country of origin Chernobyl accident, epidemiological stud Fig. A marked increase in and is particularly high among Chinese ies appeared to indicate that radioactive the incidence of thyroid cancer in children has males and Filipino females. Thyroid iodines were much less carcinogenic than been observed in areas exposed to radioactive tumours are rare in children, less than one external X or γ irradiation. Thyroid cancer 257 Pathology and genetics Thyroid follicular cells give rise to both well-differentiated cancers and also to poorly differentiated and undifferentiated (anaplastic) cancers. Well differentiated cancers are further classified into papillary and follicular carcinomas and other rare types. Stromal and immune cells of the thyroid are responsible for sarcoma and lymphoma, respectively. Papillary carcinoma has a propensity to invade lymphatic spaces and leads to microscopic multifocal lesions in the gland and a high incidence of regional lymph node metastases. Thyroid parafollicular cells (C cells) give are high in mountainous areas, such as are the strongest risk factors with a rela rise to medullary carcinomas which usual the Alps, Andes, and Himalayas, where tive risk of approximately 3 and 30, ly produce calcitonin. The relationship Thyroid cancer commonly causes no obvi between iodine intake and risk of thyroid ous symptoms in its early stages. The vast cancer appears to be complex, since both majority of cancers become clinically evi deficiency and excess may inhibit the syn dent as thyroid nodules. However, only a thesis of thyroid hormones and cause minority of all thyroid nodules is malig goitre [5]. Many nodules are found in asympto carcinoma (papillary and follicular) may be matic patients on physical examination of linked to iodine-rich and iodine-deficient the neck. Other dietary fac rapid increase in size and/or pain in the tors, including cruciferous and goitrogenic region of the nodule.

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Imaging of nonaccidental injury and the mimics: issues and controversies in the era of evidence based medicine. Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome, part 1: fundamental imaging and clinical features. Pituitary magnetic resonance imaging for sellar and parasellar masses: ten year experience in 2598 patients. Computational morphometry for detecting changes in brain structure due to development, aging, learning, disease and evolution. Brain magnetic resonance imaging changes after sorafenib and sunitinib chemotherapy in patients with advanced renal cell and breast carcinoma. Incidence, timing, and treatment of new brain metastases after Gamma Knife surgery for limited brain disease: the case for reducing the use of whole-brain radiation therapy. Preoperative functional magnetic resonance imaging assessment of higher-order cognitive function in patients undergoing surgery for brain tumors. First intraoperative, shared-resource, ultrahigh-field 3-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging system and its application in low-grade glioma resection. Applications of a robotic stereotactic arm for pediatric epilepsy and neurooncology surgery. Resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging for surgical planning in pediatric patients: a preliminary experience. Headache and migraine in children with sickle cell disease are associated with lower hemoglobin and higher pain event rates but not silent cerebral infarction. A systematic literature review of magnetic resonance spectroscopy for the characterization of brain tumors. Functional magnetic resonance imaging of the human brain: data acquisition and analysis. Stroke risk profile, brain volume, and cognitive function: the Framingham Offspring Study. Comparison of diffusion tensor imaging tractography of language tracts and intraoperative subcortical stimulations. Diffusion tensor encoding schemes optimized for white matter fibers with selected orientations. Whole-body magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography-computed tomography in oncology. Radiomics in Brain Tumor: Image Assessment, Quantitative Feature Descriptors, and Machine-Learning Approaches. Gadolinium-a specific trigger for the development of nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy and nephrogenic systemic fibrosis? Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation : official publication of the European Dialysis and Transplant Association European Renal Association. Journal of clinical neurophysiology : official publication of the American Electroencephalographic Society. Radiographics : a review publication of the Radiological Society of North America, Inc.

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Brain tumor treatment may consist of the tumor with a grossly visible intact cuff of surrounding normal radiation alone or combined with surgery. Many other malignancies can safely be removed with 1–2 Stable disease:,30% reduction,,20% increase in tumor(s) cm margins. For example, fascial the Lymphoma Response Evaluation Criteria for dogs planes generally provide a good physical barrier to tumor growth, specifies the following response criteria: so that excision of an intact fascial plane below a tumor is an Complete response: Complete regression of all evidence of excellent way to optimize the chance of a complete excision. Subcutaneous fat is poorly resistant to tumor growth and should Partial response. As a general rule, marginal excisions should be avoided Post-Radiation Therapy Monitoring unless postoperative radiation therapy is being considered. Many patients have a good-to-excellent prognosis following initial All excised tumors should be submitted for histopathologic radiotherapy. However, it is imperative for these patients to have examination and margin analysis. The accuracy of margin periodic post-therapy examinations due to the possibility of analyses can be optimized by inking the excised specimen to recurrence, metastasis, new tumor development, or complications allow the pathologist to distinguish true surgical margins from of initial therapy. Upon completion of initial therapy, patients are artifactual margins created during tissue processing. Some tumors can be placed in the surface of the excised specimen to guide the take mo for the maximum treatment response to occur, so patience pathologist to areas of particular concern. Partial response or labs typically prepare only four or five slides from a given stabilization of the growth of the primary tumor, leaving residual specimen, a report of complete margins does not necessarily disease, may be the maximum post-therapy response seen. A report of incomplete margins means the resection was histologically incomplete in at Maintenance Chemotherapy least one location. While overall recurrence rates are consistently For many oncology cases, initial therapy is done to prolong survival greater for tumors with incomplete margins than for tumors even though it is not considered curative. Use of the latter two agents is justified by their anti angiogenic properties as well as their anti-proliferative effects. Management of Recurrent or Metastatic Disease the concepts that apply to maintenance chemotherapy are Follow-Up Care relevant to managing recurrent or metastatic disease. Pet owners Assessment of Response should be prepared for repeat imaging and staging prior to final Guidelines have been developed to avoid arbitrary decisions in treatment decisions. Responses must be viewed in needed at this critical juncture because of the guarded prognosis context with the original intent of therapy, whether it be cure or and likelihood that a return to normalcy may not be possible. The case study is not intended be prescriptive or to imply that the approach taken here is the only way to manage an osteosarcoma patient, nor is it intended to be used as a diagnostic tree.

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