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By: L. Nemrok, M.B. B.CH., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Deputy Director, California University of Science and Medicine

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The levels of evidence used to summarize the findings are based on the levels of evidence developed by Sackett et al. For the purpose of this review, a simplified version of the categories used by Sackett et al. Instead of the original 10 scoring categories, we developed a scoring system ranging from a level 1 evidence to a level 5 evidence, and added descriptions to each category to help designate the appropriate level of evidence based on the type of research design. Includes within subjects comparison with randomized conditions and cross-over designs. Meta-analyses, conducted by the authors of this review have also been included in modules 8, 15, 16, 17 and 18. Using this system, conclusions were easily arrived at when the results of multiple studies were in agreement. However, there were still some instances where interpretation remained problematic. For instance, the authors needed to make a judgement when the results of a single study of higher quality conflicted with those of several studies of inferior quality. In these cases we attempted to provide a rationale for our decision and to make the process as transparent as possible. These two alone can be used to determine appropriate stroke rehabilitation triage, although it does not preclude the use of additional factors. Levels of Severity of Stroke Rehab Patients Severity of stroke is the most powerful predictor of ability to participate and benefit from stroke rehabilitation. Moderate to severe stroke improve the most on stroke rehab although the most severe strokes appear to benefit the most when compared to controls. The Efficacy of Stroke Rehabilitation Acute Stroke Care There is level 1a evidence that acute stroke care is associated with: 1) a reduction in the odds of death or dependency; 2) a reduction in the need for institutionalization; however, it is not associated with reductions in mortality, or length of hospital stay. There is level 1a evidence that acute stroke care is not associated with a reduction in functional disability when compared to alternative interventions. There is level 1a evidence that combined stroke units are associated with improved functional outcome.

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Mental homicide is what happens when a persons mind is controlled to the extent that he or she cannot see what is in front of their eyes. It is as though a veil has covered their eyes and they can only see what is on the veil. The afflicted person believes what they see to the extent that he will kill another to justify the veil. The act of killing another because of this veil is we have deemed mental homicide. The essence of terror or fear tactics is to debilitate or immobilize a human spirit so that it cannot take protective or corrective measures from an aggressor. It is hope by the individual, the group or the race, which initiate this type of action that the victim will be so incapacitated with terror and fear they will surrender to the assault. The implicit message being implied is, I am all-powerful and only I can help you enjoy your life; here on earth I am God to you. Have Blacks ever received messages and images from the Caucasian community which said to them loud and clear that you need to developed your mental intellect because the city of Boston, New York, Texas or these United States needs your mental creativity to help run itfi As I thought back to my adolescent and teenage years about the messages and images which are marketed directly to black youth from the larger community: competing for power and influence was never part of the message. Pyramid Builders AssociatesOsiris GroupPyramid Builders AssociatesOsiris Group Those who are the targets of mental homicide understand what it is they are experiencing, although they have no psychological interpretation. In order to defend themselves from those who maintain and perpetuate the veil, they make themselves as small as possible, as insignificant as they can, as un-intimidating as they know how. In order for a tall/large, brilliant, Black man to become small, insignificant and un-intimidating he will smoke, drink, do drugs, dress down, hunch his shoulders, be unkempt, and be uneducated. A striking, Black woman become insignificant by dressing and acting like a sexual object rather than a competitive person. How do I begin to ask you to deal with the aftermath of the institution of slaveryfi By 1965, we saw on television, one-hundred years of physical and emotional terrorism coming to an end. We have learned at Pyramid Builders and Osiris Group that inclusion and equality are not an overnight thing. Tremendous physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual damage has been done to an entire culture of people. With only 37 years of inclusion in democracy, a national healing has begun to take place; a healing from economic exclusion, a healing from recognition of the veil. However, people all over the world have been subjected to a mental frame of reference about black people based on two-hundred and forty six years of slave conditioning, one hundred years of Apartheid/Jim Crowism, and thirty seven years of inclusion in democracy. Prolonged exposure to this mind control has produced an alienation to knowledge, information or learning about the truth of the African Diaspora and Black people and culture.

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Radial Nerve Job analysis may be useful to identify tasks involving external compression of the radial nerve at the wrist due to occupational tasks. Non-Specific Hand, Wrist, or Forearm Pain Job analysis is difficult for many of these conditions, particularly as the discrete entity to be evaluated and job analysis methods are unclear. However, job analyses may also be revealing particularly when there is a high exposure situation. This may be especially indicated where other cases of musculoskeletal disorders are present in the workforce and may help with the treatment plan. Ganglion Cyst There is no quality evidence that the cause of these cysts is work related, thus job analyses are not generally indicated. Job analyses are generally indicated for cases with this diagnosis, particularly for primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. The analyses are fairly technical and usually require special equipment to measure vibration exposures. Hand/Finger Osteoarthrosis Job analysis is generally not indicated for most cases, although where there is potential to eliminate a hazard that precipitated an acute event. There have been no quality job analysis tools developed to analyze jobs for risk of hand osteoarthrosis. Ergonomic Interventions for Distal Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorders with an Occupational Basis In order to facilitate recovery and prevent recurrence of distal upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders, one may recommend work and activity modifications or ergonomic redesign of the workplace. In some cases it may be desirable to conduct an ergonomic analysis of the activities that may be contributing to symptoms. A broad range of ergonomic surveys and instruments is available for estimating duration of hand intensive activities, grasp repetition rates, pinch force, part or tool weights, reach distance, frequency of motion, and wrist and hand postures, as well as psychological factors such as organizational relationships and job satisfaction. Such detailed measures may be necessary or useful for modifying activity, redesigning the workstation, or recommending organizational and management relief. Such situations may call for referral to a certified ergonomist or a human factors engineer. Recommendation: Split Keyboards for Treatment of Common Distal Upper Extremity Tendinoses the use of alternate or split keyboards is recommended among select patients with common distal upper extremity tendinoses. Recommendation: Forearm Support for Typing to Prevent Neck/Shoulder Symptoms Forearm support for frequent computer keyboard users is recommended for potential prevention of neck and/or shoulder symptoms (see Figure 1).

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Sometimes it might not be clear exactly where the remaining cancer is in the body. Prostate cancer often grows slowly, so even if it does come back, it might not cause problems for many years, at which time further treatment could then be considered. Cancer that clearly has spread If the cancer has spread outside the prostate, it will most likely go to nearby lymph 8 nodes first, and then to bones. When prostate cancer has spread to other parts of the body (including the bones), hormone therapy is probably the most effective treatment. Castrate-resistant and hormone-refractory prostate cancer Hormone therapy is often very effective at shrinking or slowing the growth of prostate cancer that has spread, but it usually becomes less effective over time. Doctors use different terms to describe cancers that are no longer responding to hormones. Men whose prostate cancer is still growing despite initial hormone therapy now have many more treatment options than they had even a few years ago. If an anti-androgen drug was not part of the initial hormone therapy, it is often added at this time. If a man is already getting an anti-androgen but the cancer is still growing, stopping the anti-androgen (while continuing other hormone treatments) seems to help sometimes. These include abiraterone (Zytiga), enzalutamide (Xtandi), apalutamide (Erleada), darolutamide (Nubeqa), ketoconazole, estrogens (female hormones), and corticosteroids. The prostate cancer vaccine sipuleucel-T (Provenge) is another option for men whose cancer is causing few or no symptoms. For cancers that are no longer responding to initial hormone therapy and are causing symptoms, several options might be available. Chemotherapy with the drug docetaxel (Taxotere) is often the first choice because it has been shown to help men live longer, as well as to reduce pain. Bisphosphonates or denosumab can often help if the cancer has spread to the bones. Other medicines and methods can also help keep pain and other symptoms under control.

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Patients are aware that these manifestations of the disease do not limit life expec tancy, so they may not be of maximum priority for the professionals; however, they demand better health-care responses due to the important limitation that they produce on their quality of life. Another frequent demand is to include psychological therapy among the benefts they receive. They point out the need to improve access to physiotherapy and psychotherapy services, and they would like to be able to have access to homeopathic care. Patient information Learning to know and live with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Information for adult patients, families and caregivers Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality. This information, as well as the full version and abridged version of the aforementioned Clinical Practice Guideline, is also available in electronic format on the Guia-Salud website ( The information in this guide will help provide a better knowledge of the basic issues of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, contributing to improve the knowledge and self-care of people affected, with the aim of improving their quality of life. This information does not substitute the opinion or evaluation of your doctor or other health professionals. The aim of the information provided is to complement that offered by the health team that cares for you, and will act as a guide so you can learn more about your health problems, based on the best available scientifc evidence. The recommendations contained in this guideline are based on scientifc studies published. The best methodological quality studies were selected and then the information agreed by the group that has developed the guideline was extracted. A group of people affected by Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus was also consulted in order to provide information about their needs and preferences with respect to the disease. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (from hereinafter only Lupus) is a chronic infammatory, non-contagious, disease of the immune system, which affects and attacks healthy cells and tissues. The immune system is responsible for combating external aggressions or foreign substances in the body, such as bacteria and virus. When there is an autoimmune disease, the immune system is out of control and the body starts to attack its own cells. In Lupus, more specifcally, the organism creates antibodies that appear in the blood fow, causing infammation and damaging the actual tissue. Lupus is a disease that may affect many parts of the body (practically any organ or system), although the most frequently involved areas are the joints, the skin, kidneys, lungs and the nervous system. If you have Lupus, several parts of your body may be affected; however, it is practically impossible for all the organs of a person to be affected.

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