Sister(hood) will be launching in 2017,  the Guilds 28th year! And in honor of this milestone the Guild will begin a series of ongoing events focusing on local Chicago communities that are comprised of women who represent the 28 Sister Cities for Chicago –did you know that Chicago has the most Sister Cities in the world?

Looking at the way global feminism creates dialogue(s) that speak to the center, individual quarterly events will highlight the flexibility of relations across ideas, ideologies, gender, and ethnicity –locally and internationally– by focusing on our Sister Cities and the writing by women who represent those communities here in Chicago and abroad.  With support from local, national and international women’s and allied organizations this program will speak to the Guild’s long-term commitment to voices form the margins, particularly in this case to the intersections that are marked by ethnicity, class, and gender.

Chicago’s Sister Cities are as diverse as the population that make up Chicago’s amazing range of communities represented in her 77 official neighborhoods and 50 wards. These cities also represent political bodies that are often the second largest in their respective countries.  This visibility gives these cities responsibility to lager discourse, something Sister(hood) will examine.

Over the course of the next few years we hope to work with women who represent each of the cities below, to champion and hear and dialogue with their concerns, politics, positions, and modes of expressing themselves in the world.

These Sister Cities are:

If you would like to get involved with the Sister(hood) project please contact us at with the subject: Sister(hood) Project, Chicago, or call us at 877.394.5061 

*Links to the Sister Cities represented here  are from