BrooksDay@Nite was a spectacular event held on June 7th celebrating the centennial Birthday of Gwendolyn Brooks on her actually 100th birthday, with one hundred one-minute performances, reception, and more.

Presenters for BrooksDay@Nite included:

Tyehimba Jess, Angela Jackson, Haki Madhubuti, Nate Marshall, Kevin Coval, Marcus Dunlevy, Runako Jahi, Cheryl Lynn Bruce, Patricia Smith ,Tara Betts, C. Russell Price, Natasha Estevez, Mario Smith, Nicole Bond, Judith Heineman, Toni Asante Lightfoot, Eva Miller, Britteney Black Rose Kapri, Nora Brooks Blakely, Tracie D. Hall, Peter Kahn, Christian JaLon, Val Gray Ward, Sandra Jackson-Opoku, Quraysh Ali Lansana, Reg Gibbons, Michael Puican, Aurora Performance Group, Maggie Brown, Jan Spivey Gilchrist, Cynthia A. Walls, Sketch N’Tyme, Shahari Moore, Zahra Baker, A.J. McLenon, Shanta Nurullah

BrooksDay is a celebration of Gwendolyn Brooks that takes place on the anniversary of her birth, June 7th. Each year you can join us for BrooksDay, celebrating the works of Gwendolyn Brooks on her birthday!  Each year we honor her legacy as an artist and an iconic figure of generosity and civic conscience in Chicago and in the nation.  And 2017 BrooksDay was a spectacular event in the City of Chicago celebrating alongside myriad arts organizations celebrating Brooks during the 2017 centennial.  BrooksDay is the marquee event for these celebrations –an evening of Gwendolyn Brooks on her 100th birthday.

Here is a little teaser of the photos from BrooksDay@Nite | June 7, 2017

Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, Hyde Park Chicago


Nora Brooks Blakely | BrooksDay@Nite, Gwendolyn Brooks’ 100th birthday celebration.Charles Osgood Photography
Opening Reception, BrooksDay@Nite. Charles Osgood Photography
BrooksDay@Nite opening reception Logan Arts Center, 915 E 60th, Wednesday, June 7, 2017.Charles Osgood Photography
Sketch N’ Tyme at BrooksDay@Nite, opening reception. Charles Osgood Photography
Opening Reception for BrooksDay@Nite. Charles Osgood Photography
Maggie Brown at BrooksDay@Nite opening reception. Charles Osgood Photography
Tyehimba Jess at Brooksday@Nite. Charles Osgood Photography
Zahra Baker and Shanta Nurullah @BrooksDay@Nite Charles Osgood Photography
Joffrey Ballet Exelon Strobel Step-Up Program Charles Osgood Photography
Nicole Bond at BrooksDay@Nite Charles Osgood Photograph

There are many more photos on of the BrooskDay@Nite celebration.

You can view all the photos from the night by clicking here!

Thanks to Charles Osgood Photography for the images you see here!


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