The Guild announces new board president & executive director

Eric May

From the new board president:

I’m honored and excited for the opportunity to serve as president of the Guild Literary Complex. Through its diverse, multi-genre literary programming, the Guild has contributed mightily to the cultural world of the Chicago metropolitan area for the last thirty years.

As incoming president, my goal is to work with the board on expanding board membership, fundraising, and community involvement, continuing our legacy of vibrant programming that adds to the conversation.

I’ve been a board member with the Guild for coming on four years, and while the Guild’s presidential responsibilities are changing hands, this is not a complete turnover in leadership. Andrea Change has stepped into the role of executive director (one of the two hats she’s worn for the last two years), where she’ll continue her marvelous work on Guild’s program offerings and daily organization management. Mike Puican, also a past president, will continue his steady handling of our finances as Treasurer. I have greatly enjoyed working with Andrea and Mike, and I continue to look forward to working with them, alongside our other board members and staff.

Thirty years of Guild leadership has left me some big shoes to fill, which I see as an inspiration. I look forward to helping write the next chapter of this wonderful organization.

Eric Charles May

About the Executive Director

A graduate of Northwestern University with a Master’s degree from Roosevelt, Andrea has worked on the corporate side of the nonprofit world her entire career as a manager and administrator. She brings a formal business sense to arts administration, and she has been an active member of Chicago’s literary community for many years. After attending the Guild’s regular open mics back in the day, Andrea began working as a volunteer, becoming active in programming and eventually helping to launch such programs as the Musicality of Poetry series.

After spending some time on the board of directors, Andrea took on the role as board president and interim executive director, helping to guide the organization through a transitional period.

Now having stepped down as president of the board, Andrea will continue with the Guild, working more exclusively on the organization’s daily management, programming, and collaborating with the board to help meet future fundraising goals.

$30k for 30 Years

At the end of 2019, the Guild exceeded its goal of raising $30k to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Thanks to the generosity of our many supporters throughout the city. This shows that our programs are more relevant than ever, and we look forward to making even bigger impacts in Chicago as we begin 2020!


Since 1989, the Guild Literary Complex has served the Chicago community through innovative programming that highlights the intersections of marginality, the power of community, and the impact of arts and activism. We build on Chicago’s rich literary traditions through vibrant storytelling and radical inclusion, advancing access to and from the margins. The Guild Literary Complex supports and encourage voices of all backgrounds and experiences to tell their truths, whether they are literary powerhouses or talented newcomers. We view literature as a vehicle of connectivity, and aim to merge seemingly disparate groups across Chicago's 50 wards. The Guild Literary Complex is a 501c3 nonprofit organization working in collaboration with the City of Chicago and organizations like the Poetry Foundation, The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Chicago Literary Hall of Fame, The Southeast Asian Center,  Brooks Permissions, Third World Press, Sones de Mexico and many others, creating dynamic programming highlighting our varied and robust literary community of voices speaking from the margins.
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