Palabra Pura



Palabra Pura promotes literary expression in more than one tongue through a monthly bilingual poetry reading featuring Chicano and Latino artists. With an aim to foster dialogue through literature in Chicago and beyond, each evening pairs a local poet with a visiting writer along with an open mic to engage the interaction of diverse voices, ideas, and aesthetics. The readings are held the third Wednesday of every other month (except August and December).

Palabra Pura se enfoca en la expresion literaria en varios idiomas a traves de una serie de lecturas mensuales bilingues con artistas Chicanos y Latinos. Nuestra meta es promover el dialogo a traves de la literatura en Chicago y mas alla. Con este fin, cado lectura combina un poeta local con uno invitado, ademas de un open mic para cultivar la interaccion de voces, ideas esteticas diversas. Las lecturas se ofrecen el tercer miercoles de cada mes (con excepcion de agosto y diciembre).

Upcoming Palabra Pura Events

April 4, 2018 from 7 – 9 pm

This event is in conjunction with DePaul University and Contratiempo.

La Bruquena Restaurant, 2726 West Division Street, Chicago, Illinois 60622

Featured Artists

om ulloa. Cuban poet, writer, translator, and freelance editor. She has lived in the U.S. since her teenage years. ulloa has published stories and “prosemas” in anthologies that include En el ojo del viento: Ficción latina del Heartland (Roosevelt University, 2004) and Cuatro cuentistas de Chicago (Ed. Vocesueltas, 2007). Her poetry and other texts has appeared in blogs and journals such as Contratiempo, Mandorla, generaciónMeX, VocesCubanas, and AfterHours. Her last two collections of poetry:  palabrerías aNalfabéticas and glotOnerías y olíAteos (de florEs en cUbículos) were published in 2017.

Álvaro Hernando. Spanish poet, teacher and journalist. He has lived in Illinois since 2013. Hernando admires the exchange of ideas between creators and has made several collaborations, such as poetry and illustrations, with Berta Salvador and with the composer Enric Riu, the musical Leaving the comfort zone, at present touring in the U.S. His first book of poems, Mantras para bailar/Dancing Mantras, was published by Pandora Lobo Estepario Press (Oaxaca/Chicago 2016).

Fermina Ponce. Colombian poet and journalist. She has a degree in Communications Management from the University of La Sabana, Colombia. Ponce’s first book of poetry, Al desnudo (Oveja Negra Press) as well as Mar de (L)una (also Oveja Negra Press) were presented at the International Book Fair (Bogotá, Colombia) in 2016 and 2017 respectively, and went on to be showcased at the University of Guanajuato (Mexico), the Instituto Cervantes (Chicago), and the Festival of Latin Authors (Chicago). She has been nominated by the Colombian Consulate in Chicago for the Award The 20 Best Colombian Writers in 2017.

Febronio Zatarain. Mexican poet. He is a co-founder of contratiempo magazine. Iin 2015 he was awarded the Premio Latinoamericano de Poesía Transgresora in Mexico. He has published, Faltas a la moral (Moción Press, 1991), Desesperada  intención y otros escritos  (Universidad de Guadalajara Press, 1994) and Nos vinimos de mojados -with Raúl Dorantes- (UACM Press, 2007), as well as En Guadalajara fue, Veinte canciones en desamor y un poema sosegado and Febrónimos.

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