2017 Challenge Grant is here!

Winter, 2017 —

Dear Friends of the Guild,

The 2017 Author’s Challenge Grant is here!

For us, our camaraderie with authors here in Chicago is one of the brightest and most powerful reasons for our ongoing work, and we are so grateful to be able to continue sharing new voices with each and every one of you.

As you all know, we are living in extraordinarily challenging times, with our nation and our people threatened by forces that deny the very concepts on which the country was founded.

It’s during extraordinary times that arts lift us up. For 28 years, the Guild Literary Complex’s programming has sought to bring together issues of social justice and the arts by supporting underrepresented writers from many backgrounds, orientations, and faiths.

Programs like Voices of Protest/Chicago City of Refuge, Palabra Pura, Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic Awards and the Leon Forrest Prose Awards embody Chicago’s diversity, counteracting the divisive policy and commentary coming out of Washington today.

Prominent Chicago authors believe the Guild’s programming powerfully resists this trend and are once again challenging you to donate in the link below in our annual Authors Challenge Grant to support the Guild. All donations help us continue our work, $5, $10, $25 … $250, and on … ! To us, every donation is an invaluable gift; please help us continue our work today:

You can join Bill Ayers, Garnett Kilberg Cohen, Aviya Kushner, Haki Madhubuti, Elise Paschen, Kathleen Rooney & Martin Seay, Matthew Shenoda, Sharon Solwitz & Barry Silesky, Scott Turow and two donations In Honor of Cyrus Colter, In Honor of Leon Forrest, who together donated a total of $3,000. We call on you to help meet and exceed their challenge.

To donate, please cut and paste the link below into a new browser window:

We need your help to keep our programs alive and to bring new ones to you and so many across a wide spectrum of Chicago’s communities. Thank you for your generosity in supporting the Guild Literary Complex. Your support means so much to us.

With best wishes for a happy holiday season, and with my heartfelt thanks and warm regards,

Lisa Wagner
Executive Director, Guild Literary Complex

Thank you for supporting the Guild Literary Complex!

Your financial support makes everything possible. It helps ensure that our unique, cross-cultural and intergenerational programs continue to provide an outlet for Chicago’s established and emerging artists and writers, and opportunities for provocative conversation between artists and audiences. It helps us with things like paying featured artists and awarding contest prizes, renting space for rehearsals and performances, hiring videographers to share event footage with new audiences, and keeping low ticket prices to all our events.

final support banner

Donations to the Guild Literary Complex supports compelling literary events across Chicago, helping to:

  • Promote vibrant literature that contributes to society and community
  • Produce programs that engage audiences with dynamic voices and ideas
  • Showcase established and emerging writers in intimate settings
  • Keep programs geographically and economically accessible
  • Archive and disseminate programs beyond the event itself
  • Provide honorariums to our artists

Special Initiatives

Occasionally the Guild identifies special program or operational goals that need an extra financial push through monetary or in-kind donations. In those instances, we announce a special initiative, describing our objective, fundraising goal and timeframe. We then give regular updates on our progress and celebrate our supporters’ help in our success.



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By mail

Please make you donations payable to “Guild Complex” and mail to:

Guild Literary Complex | 641 West Lake Street, Suite 200 | Chicago, IL 60661

The Guild Complex is a registered 501(c)3. Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Thank you! We look forward to making great things happen here in Chicago with your generosity.