Well, July is for lovers of many things: Bike riding, beaches, camping, gardening, back porches, front porches, other people’s pools…and, yes, poetry.

Until we can book a spot for a poolside Palabra Pura (think: the audience gets their own floating lounges), we’re continuing our marvelous Palabra Pura at La Bruquena Restaurant on July 16. This month, our Curator Maribel Mares has brought three writers whose travels and presence spans the globe: Darren Angle, whose work was greatly inspired by his time in Haiti, who will also present a slideshow from his travels; Mayra Jimenez, a Mexican-American author living in Korea; and Yesika Perez, a trained dancer raised in Mexico.

On July 23, we’re presenting the Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic Award. Scratch that—YOU are presenting the award to one finalist from our annual Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic Poetry Contest! We’ll be announcing the finalists soon, so make sure you check back to find out whom to expect. You and your fellow audience members will vote on who wins the highly coveted $500 prize, so make sure you bring your family and friends if there’s a special someone on the finalist list!

Finally, check out our newest GuildCast: An interview with Cristina Henriquez. It’s a perfect addition to those Sunday afternoons lounging on the rooftop.


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