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By: P. Fasim, M.B. B.CH. B.A.O., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Medical Instructor, California University of Science and Medicine

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Excess methyl chloride is then reacted in the gas phase thermally with chlorine to produce dichloromethane (Holbrook, 2003. Dichloromethane has been used in paint strippers and removers, as a propellant in aerosols, in the manufacture of drugs, pharmaceuticals, film coatings, electronics, and polyurethane foam, and as a metal-cleaning solvent. Dichloromethane production rose sharply in the decades following the war due to the increased demand for this substance for use mainly in paint strippers (Hardie, 1964; Searles and McPhail, 1949. As other solvent uses and its use in aerosol propellants became important, demand for this substance increased further (Anthony, 1979. Some of the dichloromethane released to soil or water is expected to volatilize to air. In soil, dichloromethane is expected to be highly mobile and may migrate to groundwater. The potential for dichloromethane to bioconcentrate in aquatic or marine organisms is low. Dichloromethane may biodegrade in soil or water under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. However, after oral administration in animals, dichloromethane is rapidly and nearly completely absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract (Angelo et al. At several time points within 40 minutes of dose administration, <2% of the dose was found in the lower part of the gastrointestinal tract, indicating that the majority of dichloromethane absorption occurs in the upper gastrointestinal tract (Angelo et al. Similar results were reported in mature male B6C3F1 mice exposed to up to 50 mg/kg (Angelo et al. In mature male Sprague- Dawley rats administered a single dose (1 or 50 mg/kg) of radiolabeled dichloromethane, <1% of the label was found in feces collected for 48 hours after dose administration (McKenna and Zempel, 1981. Absorption of dichloromethane generally follows first-order kinetics (Angelo et al. The vehicle appears to affect the rate but not the extent of gastrointestinal absorption, with an aqueous vehicle resulting in a more rapid absorption of dichloromethane than an oil-based vehicle (Angelo et al. There was a pause of about 20 minutes without exposure between rest and exercise periods. Uptake of dichloromethane was estimated at about 55% 2 while resting and about 40, 30, and 35% at respective workloads of 50, 100, and 150 watts. Blood levels of dichloromethane correlated directly with exposure concentrations, and did not appear to increase when a workload was applied (Astrand et al. Similar reports of rapid uptake and a direct correlation between dichloromethane exposure level and blood levels in humans have been presented by other groups (DiVincenzo and Kaplan, 1981; DiVincenzo et al.

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The result was confned to the following primary malignant brain tumor is malignant glioma. They are quite heterogeneous group of the PubMed resulted in 406 citations, and their potential tumors with varied outcomes and treatment approaches. Patients with high-grade glioma usually present with progressive neurologic signs and symptoms that vary according We searched the PubMed database search to obtain the key to the size, location, and rate of growth of the tumor. Common literature in high-grade glioma, published between January symptoms are headache (~50%) and seizure (~20-30%. For that maximal resection (particularly gross total resection) does example methylation of methyl guanine methyl transferase improve survival. Debulking surgery Combined loss of chromosomes 1p and 19q improves may lead to rapid tapering and discontinuation of steroids, survival and responsiveness to therapy in oligodendroglial thereby reducing steroid-related complications, debulking tumors. There is no Non-hematological evidence that hyper fractionation or accelerated fractionation 47-51 Common non-hematologic side effects are nausea, anorexia, or higher dose improves outcome. Fatal and severe hepatotoxicity have been reported, Acute expected radiation-induced toxicities include hair loss, and liver function tests should be performed at the beginning, during and at the end of the treatment. Dose can be reduced one level to 100 mg/m/day International Journal of Health Sciences 56 Vol. One cycle is defned as initial therapy and the increased risk of toxicity was noted with 28 days, and a maximum of 6 cycles will be administered. Once a dose Role of Adjuvant Chemotherapy in has been reduced, no dose re-escalation is allowed. Anaplastic Oligodendroglial Tumors Bevacizumab plays a key role in the growth of the abnormal Oligodendroglial tumors represent 5-20% of all glioma. On the other hand, an resection is recommended where technically feasible, as it increases survival. Although the results did in both trials8,91,92 progression-free survival was signifcantly not meet the required threshold, the median progression- free survival was enhanced in patients. On retrospective data, some Despite the survival benefit of adjuvant radiation and patients with small recurrent tumors and a good performance status may beneft from re-irradiation. The treatment options for such patients have to be individualized Palliative Systemic Therapy assessing the beneft/risk ratio. Distinguishing them is important to prevent role in the development of the abnormal vasculature observed inappropriate discontinuation of an effective treatment in high-grade gliomas and other tumors. In patients who progress while Median overall survival of the patient with recurrent high- receiving bevacizumab plus chemotherapy, a continuation grade gliomas is <1 year. Although further interventions such of bevacizumab beyond progression and a change of as re-resection, re-irradiation, and systemic therapy can beneft chemotherapy agent to a drug with a different mechanism of some patients, all treatments are palliative and associated action may be utilized in patients with good performance status.

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As part of the initial work in Project Retrosight, there will be a bibliometric analysis of the cardiovascular research field, identifying research from the case study countries in particular. Work by the Wellcome Trust in 1998 looked at publications in biomedical science and their distributions. Number of global clinical trials published in Medline in selected biomedical subjects 2. However, Lenfant suggests that it is the follow up to decoding the human genome, identifying the make up of the human proteome that is going to be key in understanding pathological processes at the cellular level. An example of this is the use of molecular biology advances to understand the molecular basis of plaque formation in athersclerosis. However, these research agendas are very much researcher led, rather than disease led. For example, they predict that by 2020, a vaccine may have been developed which switches of nicotine receptors (cutting the physical addictiveness of cigarettes. They also predict that by 2020 screening for heart disease will use an array of genetic markers; that xenotransplantation (transplantation of animal organs into humans) will be possible due to improved understanding of tissue rejection; and that nano-technology will allow intra-artery repair of atherosclerosis. AlProg ress in CardiovascularD isease 2009 E ndothelialinjury R educed bioavailability of the vasodilator nitric ox ide I ncreased activity of vasoconstrictors Lerm an et. AlProg ress in CardiovascularD isease 2009 R enalm icrovessels are susceptible to nox ious insults including I schem ia low shearstress O x idiz ed low -density lipoprotein (ox -L D L ) Lerm an et. AlProg ress in CardiovascularD isease 2009 E ndothelialdy sfunction is accom panied by increased g eneration of reactive ox y g en species and ox idative stress w hich causes I ncreased renalvasculartone I ncreased sensitivity to vasoconstrictors E ndothelialdy sfunction Lerm an et. AlProg ress in CardiovascularD isease 2009 R O S decreases bioavailability of nitric ox ide and results in form ation of the pro- ox idantperox y nitrite W hich allow s intrarenalvasopressors like ang iotensin I I and endothelin-1to predom inate Lerm an et. A nnInternM ed 2009 Complications 2deaths secondary to procedure-related causes G roin infection requiring surg ical reconstruction w ith ptsubsequently developing m ulti org an failure and dy ing 6 m onths afterthe procedure 2pts developed false renalartery aneury sm 5pts sustained injury to the kidney or renalartery BaxL etal. However,foroptimummanagementofreno- vascular hypertension, clinicians need both func- Renal artery stenosis causes renal ischemia, hyper- tional and anatomic data. Functional information tension and when bilateral, progressive ischemic is important because there may not be any benefit nephropathy [1]. Although patients with renal ar- from dilating a severe stenosis when ischemic tery stenosis can be managed conservatively, renal nephropathy or other concomitant nephropathy is revascularization is indicated in patients with re- already end-stage.

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These identified modules and their genes may act as potential atherosclerosis biomarkers. Our study would shed light on the signal transduction of atherosclerosis, and provide new insights to its pathogenesis from the perspective of stem cells. Key words: atherosclerosis, stem cell, human signaling network, module, expression data Introduction Atherosclerosis is a chronic inflammatory bloodstream into diseased tissue and differentiate to disease associated with the lipid deposition and macrophages, monocytes, and neutrophils in plaque fibrosis in the arterial wall, and characterized response to infection and inflammation [4, 5]. They have been shown are localized in atherosclerotic aorta as well as in to play crucial roles in pathogenesis of atherosclerosis aortic atherosclerotic regression, and thus could be of [3]. A generated by giving weights to edges of the human malfunction in this system can disrupt the signaling network. The weight of the i-th edge Ei fine-balanced signal transduction significantly, and is connecting two genes a and b was calculated as believed to be involved in diseases [9]. Inflammatory Pearson Correlation Coefficient of expression values pathways in stem cells are under stringent control by of a and b in normal and atherosclerosis statuses, a variety of transcription factors and coregulatory respectively. However, the j=1(aj a) j=1(bj b ) signaling pathways that regulate inflammation and cytokine production in stem cells for atherosclerosis where aj and bj are gene expression values of remain incompletely understood. Perturbation of genes a and b of sample j, a and b are average human signaling networks by mutations or abnormal expression values for the genes of all samples in each protein expressions underlies the cause of many status, and n is the number of samples in diseases [11]. Detection of candidate Atherosclerosis-risk Here, we proposed an integrated approach to Modules elucidate systematically the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis by identifying Atherosclerosis-risk Candidate Atherosclerosis-risk Modules were Modules based on a human signaling network and detected using two steps. Each module was consisted of a set of genes Materials and methods that were both topologically close and had highly correlated interactions. After functional enrichment 1 S = Expression(X ) = X analysis, 5 Atherosclerosis-risk Modules enriched in u i g i=1 functions significantly associated with atherosclerosis genes were identified (Table 1. Among them, 3 g 1 Atherosclerosis-risk Modules (C83, C368, C377) which Su = Expression(X ) = X i g i=1 were identified from the normal weighted signaling network were defined as Atherosclerosis-risk Absent For normal and atherosclerosis samples, X, Y Modules, and the other 2 modules (P96, P20) which and X, Y are gene expression values, Sk and Sk are were identified from the atherosclerosis weighted Pearson correlation coefficients of the k-th edge, Su signaling network were defined as Atherosclerosis- and Su are the average expression value of genes in risk Emerging Modules. To obtain the significance of each module, four Atherosclerosis-risk Number of Genes of Atherosclerosis-risk Modules Module genes permutation tests were performed. A module significant in at least 3 of 4 permutation tests was a Atherosclerosis related function analysis of candidate Atherosclerosis-risk module. Atherosclerosis-risk Modules Identification of Atherosclerosis-risk Modules Atherosclerosis-risk Modules were significantly enriched in functional categories and pathways Candidate Atherosclerosis-risk Modules that related to atherosclerosis (Table S1. Atherosclerosis is an inflammatory was set as the criterion for screening disease with lesions filling with immune cells that can Atherosclerosis-risk Modules. Atherosclerosis-risk Modules were identified from the systems level based on weighted human signaling networks and atherosclerosis related stem cell expression profiles.

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