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By: U. Umul, M.S., Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Rush Medical College

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He believed that social exploitation and oppression of the less privileged people leads to poverty, overcrowding, unemployment, environmental degradation that in turn, causes over population. A compromise between the two views is required because all these factors seem to be interdependent and interrelated. Equity and social justice to all, allowing everyone to enjoy a good standard of living is the need of the hour that can voluntarily help in achieving a stabilized global population. Demographic transition Demographic transition explains a form of relationship between population and economic development. In the western countries it has been found that they have moved from a condition of high birth and death rates, to a condition of low birth and death rates which led to a slow rate of growth of population. This has been the experience of countries going through a process of modernizing economic and social development. The growth rate of population is a function of migration, birth rate and death rate in a country. The change in population caused by net migration as a proportion of total population of the country is almost insignificant and, therefore, can be easily ignored. The difference between the birth rate and the death rate measures the growth rate of population. The high population growth rates are due to high birth rate and fast declining death rates due to better sanitation and health facilities. Furthermore, the process of economic development tends to be more capital intensive under modern technological conditions, and hence, has less potential of employment generation in the short run. Since the total size of the population is already large, there is urgency for speedy achievement of demographic transition from high birth rate to low birth rate resulting in lower population growth. They are Providing employment to growing population this is so because in developing economies majority of the population is illiterate. The burden of school age population has already shown signs of becoming unbearable. The proportion of children in schools is increasing fast and, vast numbers are still not covered. This is only an indication of the wastage of human resources for want of appropriate development opportunities. Problem of utilisation of manpower Better educated manpower aspires for occupations of greater prestige, which are opened up by the new development efforts. Because of its capital intensive nature, the ability, of the new economy for employment generation becomes restricted. As a result, under-employment and unemployment, including unemployment of educated persons, increases.

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The standard approach for a distal ductal transaction is a laparoscopic or open spleen preserving distal pancreatectomy [31-32]. Although this procedure is well tolerated, concerns regarding late morbidity, particularly endocrine insufficiency, have led to other treatment approaches including Roux-en-Y distal pancreaticojejunostomy using a retrocolic jejunal limb to drain the distal pancreas, while some have advocated a non-operative approach to pancreatic ductal injuries, with percutaneous or endoscopic drainage of subsequent pseudocysts [33-35]. A multiinstitutional review was conducted involving patients with blunt pancreatic transection in twelve pediatric trauma centers reviewed non343 operative approach and operative approach. Patients undergoing the operative approach were divided into pancreatic resection or drain placement only. The patients who underwent distal pancreatectomy were quicker to attain goal feeds and discharge to home. Those who underwent a drain placement alone had similar outcomes to the non-operative group with regard to having prolonged ileus and protracted lengths of stay. These two groups had similar morbidities with regard to pseudocyst formation and requirement for intervention such as percutaneous or endoscopic drainage. Presently, no data exists regarding long term pancreatic function of these patients. Intestinal Injury Most intestinal injuries in children are related to a high force blunt injury such as a direct blow from a fall, handlebar, non-accidental trauma or seat belt. Distended hollow viscera are more prone to rupture with blunt trauma due to the increased intra-luminal pressure [37]. Areas at risk to injury include sites of mesenteric fixation such as the proximal jejunum near the ligament of Treitz, the distal ileum near the ileocecal valve, and the rectosigmoid junction. These injuries are more prone to occur in young children who are secured in appropriately, such as adult seat belts without booster seats or using lap belts 344 without shoulder straps. Therefore, use of age-appropriate child restraints in cars may decrease the risk of some of these injuries [39]. Traumatic intestinal injuries associated with perforation typically present with signs of peritonitis due to the contamination of the peritoneal cavity. Hemodynamically unstable patients with signs and symptoms of hollow viscus injury should undergo emergent exploration. Current imaging modalities may miss partial thickness intestinal injuries, hematomas, or mesenteric injuries. Over time, these injuries may evolve or cause full thickess intestinal wall ischemia and perforation with leakage of intestinal contents. Some mesenteric injuries may result in intestinal strictures or internal hernia diagnosed at a time remote from after the acute injury. Laparoscopy should be considered an extension of the diagnostic armamentarium in patients with equivocal imaging findings. In hemodynamically stable patients with evidence of bowel injury, a laparoscopic 345 approach for repair is a reasonable alternative to a traditional midline laparotomy. In penetrating traumas, initial local wound exploration to identify penetration of the anterior abdominal fascia is recommended.

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When the Edit button is pressed the Export data window below is displayed: only Settings and Parameters tabs are available. Zetasizer Nano Page 9-17 Chapter 9 Advanced features Settings tab the settings tab works in the same way as previously described. Parameters can be added or removed from this list by using the Add and Remove keys. Change the order in which the parameters are displayed by selecting a parameter, and using the Move up or Move Down buttons. Zetasizer Nano Page 9-19 Chapter 9 Advanced features Options window the Options window enables extra features and programs for the Zetasizer software to be installed, and to configure the default folder for saving of data. Options Startup the Startup option specifies how the software will behave on startup. Either using the Microsoft Windows password to logon with, or one specific to the application software. When the software is first installed, these file-paths will be configured to their default setting. This page allows the file-paths to be configured so the files can be saved to more appropriate locations. Macros Additional and customised software programs can be added and installed by using the Macros option. The Macro programs are written by Malvern to enable the system to operate in a mode required for a specific application. Highlighting the Macro in the left box will display the Macro details in the right box. Any installed and selected macros will be seen in the Tools-Macros menu (the list below is shown only as an example). Zetasizer Nano Page 9-21 Chapter 9 Advanced features fi Press the Install new macro. This will copy the macro to the Zetasizer/macros directory and add the macro to the list of available programs. External Inputs this page allows configuration of the external inputs into the Nano instrument. These settings are required for setting the timing between the Nano instrument and any connected accessories when using the Flow-mode capability. Consult the external device documentation to ascertain the offset and gain values required and input these into their respective entry boxes. As default settings can be configured for each external input, this will allow each input to be dedicated to a specific external accessory. Full details on installation and enabling will be sent with each additional software package. Advanced protein features the advanced protein feature key enables the advance protein features in the application software.

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Furthermore, the experimental strategy did not lead to emergence of resistant bacteria; it may mitigate concerns about multi-drug resistant super-bugs commonly seen in conjunction with approaches based on conventional antibiotics. Biocompatibility of highly macroporous ceramic scaffolds: cell adhesion and morphology studies. A porous hydroxyapatite scaffold for bone tissue engineering: Physico-mechanical and biological evaluations. Nanocrystalline spherical hydroxyapatite granules for bone repair: in vitro evaluation with osteoblastlike cells and osteoclasts. Staphylococcus epidermidis originating from titanium implants infects surrounding tissue and immune cells. Size-dependent bacterial growth inhibition and mechanism of antibacterial activity of zinc oxide nanoparticles. Innovative macroporous granules of nanostructured-hydroxyapatite agglomerates: bioactivity and osteoblast-like cell behaviour. HighfiPerformance hydroxyapatite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering applications. Selective toxicity of ZnO nanoparticles toward Gram-positive bacteria and cancer cells by apoptosis through lipid peroxidation. The influences of cell type and ZnO nanoparticle size on immune cell cytotoxicity and cytokine induction. Mechanistic investigation into antibacterial behaviour of suspensions of ZnO nanoparticles against E. Effects of surface morphology of ZnAl2O4 ceramic materials on osteoblastic cells responses. Fabrication of nanostructured hydroxyapatite and analysis of human osteoblastic cellular response. Comparative characteristics of porous bioceramics for an osteogenic response in vitro and in vivo. Zinc oxide nanoparticles selectively induce apoptosis in human cancer cells through reactive oxygen species. Comparison of the abilities of ambient and manufactured nanoparticles to induce cellular toxicity according to an oxidative stress paradigm. Effects of copper and zinc ions on the germicidal properties of two popular pharmaceutical antiseptic agents cetylpyridinium chloride and povidone-iodine. Bioactive glass-derived hydroxyapatite-coating promotes granulation tissue growth in subcutaneous cellulose implants in rats. Biomimetic porous scaffolds with high elasticity made from mineralized collagen-an animal study. Additionally, cell culture tests showed the growth of fibroblasts with high metabolic activity and without membrane damage. Keywords: nanohydroxyapatite, propolis, antibacterial activity, cytocompatibility 115 1.