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By: W. Dudley, M.B. B.CH., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Clinical Director, Osteopathic Medical College of Wisconsin

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The intravenous beta blocker was recommended over the phone and it is possible the cardiology registrar was unaware of the history of breathlessness and orthopnoea. This was sufcient to render the woman haemodynamically compromised and by the time she arrived in theatre she was peri-arrest with agitation and very low oxygen saturation. In both instances, intravenous metoprolol was prescribed over the phone, the women then became extremely haemodynamically compromised, leading to a fetal bradycardia. In both instances, the woman was rushed to theatre for emergency surgery for fetal reasons, when in fact an urgent cardioversion would have corrected the maternal compromise and therefore also the fetal compromise. Improving the condition of the mother in these circumstances will improve the condition of the baby. In the event of maternal cardiac arrest, resuscitation (and delivery) should be performed according to exist ing guidelines. In case of emergency, drugs that are not recommended by international agencies for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding should not be withheld from the mother. Both carbimazole and propranolol had been discontinued at the beginning of the pregnancy. She was not given a follow up cardiology appointment during pregnancy and it appears she was due for cardiology review in two years. Four weeks later she presented to the emergency department with palpitations but symptoms were assumed to be thyroid-related and she was discharged home with no change in therapy and no obstetric or obstetric medical review. During transfer to the ambulance the woman collapsed and developed ventricular fbrillation. It is not clear whether she received cardioversion before arrival in the emergency department. After a prolonged cardiac arrest and a very late perimortem section, due to confusion over which hospital she was taken to, both mother and baby died. The potential impact of changing physiology in pregnancy on her heart disease did not appear to have been considered. She was not reviewed by an obstetric medical team at the time of her frst admission to the emergency department, when the signifcance of her symptoms might have been recognised. A proportion of these arrhythmias result from genetic alteration in cardiac ion channels, so called channelopathies. A history of unexplained sudden death in the family should raise the suspicion of an inherited channelopathy. This increased risk extends for nine months postpartum and is reduced by beta-blocker use.

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Over half of the nor rally delivered to the contracting heart and stretches the mal resistance in the upper airway is generated at the right atrium. As a consequence, atrial natriuretic peptide is internal nasal valve, and obstruction at this point nar released, leading to nocturia and enuresis in some patients. The repetitive arousals and frequent awakenings to mictur Septal deviation and other causes of nasal obstruction ate lead to sleep fragmentation, which may lead to daytime may play a role in the pathogenesis of sleep-disordered symptoms. In addition to weight, neck circum with a sad or flat affect may have undiagnosed depres ference, sex, and race, other factors such as genetic syn sion. To assess the patient Clinical Findings for maxillary retrusion, a line dropped from the nasion to the subnasale should be perpendicular to the Frankfurt A. A lateral cephalometric x-ray helps ating the patient with observable craniofacial abnor evaluate this area with precision. These studies are required for precise gross deformity, tip ptosis, asymmetry of the nostrils, evaluation of maxillary retrusion, retrognathia, and and internal valve obstruction. The studies are inexpensive to perform, ined for turbinate size, signs of polyps, masses, rhinitis, and the equipment is widely available. Nasopharyngos from several limitations including exposure to radia copy permits evaluation of the posterior choanae (to tion, absence of supine imaging, and lack of soft tis evaluate stenosis or atresia), the eustachian tube orifices, sue resolution. A normal-sized tongue rests three-dimensional models of the upper airway and have below the occlusal plane, and a tongue that extends above been used to evaluate apneic airway dynamics during this plane is graded as mildly, moderately, or severely respiration. Tongue crenations, or ridging, if found, more expensive than the previously mentioned modali may indicate macroglossia. The morphology of the soft palate (ie, thick, webbed, posteriorly located, low, and so on) should D. Axial magnetic resonance images acquired at the retropalatal levels in a normal patient (left) and an apneic pa tient (right) demonstrating (1) increased lateral pharyngeal wall dimensions, (2) decreased retropalatal airway area, and (3) increased lateral pharyngeal fat pads in a representative apneic patient. An increased prevalence of oughly tested of the oral appliances are the titratable sleep-disordered breathing has been found in patients mandibular repositioning devices.

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Genistein and Polypodium leucotomos extract, derived from the tropical fern of diadzein which are primary metabolites of soy have the active Polypodiaceae family, has immune-modulatory, anti-oxidative and ingredients, so-called soy trypsin inhibitor and Bowman Birk inhibitor, photo-protective properties. Because of these multiple mechanisms of are efective as whitening agents through inhibiting melanosome action, in combination with a favorable side efect profle, this transfer to the keratinocytes and antioxidant activity [29]. Furthermore, it contains active ingredients like isofavones and vitamin E, which are efective in Chemical Peels treating melasma [38]. Chemical peeling is controlled destruction of a part or of the entire Studies have shown that epigallocatechin gallate is the most potent epidermis, with or without the dermis by application of chemical phenolic agent found in green tea [29,38]. It is efective in treating melasma through removal that this agent modulates melanin production in dose-dependent of the unwanted melanin pigments. In addition, this has anti-infammatory, anti-oxidant and for the epidermal and mixed forms of melasma, because treating the anti-carcinogenic efects [38]. Studies have shown the efcacy of oral proanthocyanidin in Chemical peels can be administered for treating melasma alone or treating melasma [83,84]. To achieve optimum response, Aleosin is another botanical agent, derived from aloe vera, which is choosing an appropriate peeling agent with appropriate concentration efective in the treatment of melasma [29,38,85]. Aleosin tretinoin cream, hydroquinone cream and glycolic acid at low which is a C glycosylated chromone, modulates the melanogenesis in a concentration, not only provides uniform penetration of peeling dose-dependent manner [29]. Its mechanism of Furthermore, these agents have lightening efect by enhancing action is inhibition of the tyrosinase activity and proliferation of the dispersion of the melanin granules [49]. Studies have shown that this substance inhibits glycolic acid peels in melasma and decreasing the risk of post peeling melanogenesis without cytotoxicity and mutagenesis [29]. Hydroxycoumarins are antioxidants and strongly inhibit the To treat melasma, superfcial and medium depth chemical peels are tyrosinase. Deeper peels are not appropriate for melasma; additionally, these benzopyranone nucleus [29]. Umbelliferone or 7-hydroxycoumarin, is deeper peels are associated with more complications such as hypo and a phenolic compound of Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) family such as carrot hyperpigmentation, scarring, secondary infection, allergic reaction, and coriander. It has sun-blocking, antioxidant and anti-infammatory acneiform eruption, persistent erythema and milia formation [29]. Alpha hydroxy, beta hydroxy and alpha keto peels have been used Cinnamic acid, derivative of acidcassia and ginseng, is efective in for treating resistant melasma [29]. Some of the most efective peels the treatment of melasma via inhibiting the tyrosinase activity [20,38] administered for the treatment of melasma include in: and reducing the tyrosinase expression [29]. It is the most commonly used alpha hydroxy peel, administered as a Some oral botanical therapies such as procyanidin, pycnogenol, 30-70% solution [31]. It can be derived from sugarcane, sugar beets, polypodium, leucotomos extract and Chinese herbs are efective in the pineapple, cantaloupe and unripe grapes [55]. In comparison with treatment of hyperpigmentation via their strong antioxidant properties other alpha hydroxy acids used as chemical peels for treatment of [11].

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It may be due to reduced axial length (axial hyperopia), as occurs in certain congenital disorders, or reduced refractive error (refractive hyperopia), as exemplified by aphakia. If hyperopia is not too great, a young person may obtain a sharp distant image by accommodating, as a normal eye would to read. However, the amount decreases with age as presbyopia (decrease in ability to accommodate) increases. Three diopters of hyperopia might be tolerated in a teenager but will require glasses later, even though the hyperopia has not increased. If the hyperopia is too high, the eye may be unable to correct the image by accommodation. The hyperopia that cannot be corrected by accommodation is termed manifest hyperopia. This is one of the causes of deprivation amblyopia in children and can be bilateral. There is a reflex correlation between accommodation and convergence of the two eyes. Hyperopia is therefore a frequent cause of esotropia (crossed eyes) and monocular amblyopia (see Chapter 12). Latent Hyperopia As explained above, a prepresbyopic person with hyperopia may obtain a clear retinal image by accommodation. It is detected by refraction after instillation of cycloplegic drops, which determines the sum of both manifest and latent hyperopia. Refraction with a cycloplegic is very important in young patients who complain of eyestrain when reading and is vital in esotropia, where full correction of hyperopia may achieve a cure. Finally, the hyperope has blurred vision for near and far and requires glasses for both near and far. Astigmatism In astigmatism, the eye produces an image with multiple focal points or lines. In regular astigmatism, there are two principal meridians, with constant power and orientation across the pupillary aperture, resulting in two focal lines.

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The prognosis is footplate becomes mobile during an attempt to fracture excellent for a full recovery. If the footplate is After the middle ear has been exposed, it is important to totally submerged, then no effort should be made to palpate the long process of the malleus and assess the retrieve it, and a graft should be placed over the oval mobility of the malleus and the incus. A mobile footplate in the normal anatomic the stapes can be evaluated by light palpation by (1) push location or a partially submerged footplate may be ing the superstructure side-to-side and (2) gently pushing removed or retrieved using small hooks. A groove can be drilled proximally along this condition presents the surgeon with a difficult the long process and the wire crimped in this location. Generally, the surgical results A shape-memory (Nitinol) prosthesis may fit well with are less satisfying in these cases. Alternately, a prosthesis designed to reobliterate, and the risk of an immediate senso to fit under the long process of the incus can be used. Strong consid the incus is too short, a malleus-to-footplate wire can be eration should be given to trying a hearing aid if the used. If surgery is attempted, the may be helpful in stabilizing a prosthesis in this situa obliterative bone is best removed with a drill rather tion. In these cases, revision surgery is not surgery and is addressed in the same manner. Malleus ankylosis: a clinical audi into the labyrinth, aspiration of perilymph, manipula ometric, histologic, and surgical study of 123 cases. One of the advantages of using local anesthesia is that, in a patient who is awake, vertigo is readily monitored dur Prognosis ing surgery. A delayed onset of vertigo may be the result the immediate success rate after stapedial surgery of a perilymph fistula, an excessively long prosthesis, or declines slowly over time owing to delayed conductive labyrinthitis. In a similar review, a residual air-bone gap of loss may be either immediate or delayed. Possible causes 10 dB was reported in 79% of primary cases, with a of an immediate hearing loss include intraoperative follow-up period ranging from 1 to 21 years, with a trauma, postoperative infection, granuloma formation, mean of 7 years. The cause of a delayed loss is omy and stapedectomy has been estimated to occur at a unknown. Based considering surgery on the second ear because of this on this predicted deterioration rate, it is estimated that a risk. In addition, some patients who find the hearing typical stapedectomy patient will reach the critical level after surgery on one ear adequate or better may adapt of 40 dB, which will require amplification 13 years and choose not to have surgery on the second ear. Preopera stapedotomy technique and results of a large series from an tive preparation for this possible complication is exceed experienced group. Short and long-term results of develops even a mild case of postoperative sensorineural stapedotomy and stapedectomy with a Teflon-wire piston hearing loss and tinnitus is frequently very dissatisfied. If it is truly subluxated, it should be tions performed by the author over a 40-year period.

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