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By: J. Lisk, M.B.A., M.D.

Associate Professor, New York University School of Medicine

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Self-management behaviors that were assessed as goals in this study include: monitoring blood glucose levels, eating healthy 115 foods every day, avoiding the consumption of certain foods every day, engaging in physical activity regularly, conducting foot exams regularly, and taking diabetes medications as prescribed. For each of these behaviors, self-efficacy for each behavior was measured as a function of degree of confidence one felt toward achieving each behavior. This too was a 5 point scale with responses ranging from 1: not at all confident to 5: very confident. Goal achievement was examined over a week long period, using the week prior to taking the survey as the timeframe to rate goal achievement. For each of the behaviors one could engage in during the last week, respondents could select the following options 1: not a goal of mine; 2: did not achieve this goal any day in the past week; 3: achieved this goal 1-2 days in the past week; 4: achieved this goal 3-4 days in the past week; 5: achieved this goal 5-6 days in the past week and 6: achieved this goal every day in the past week. In addition to these three variables, goal setting with various health care providers was assessed in the survey. Using a yes or no format, respondents were asked if goal setting was discussed at any visit with the following health care providers: general family physician, nurse, physician assistant, diabetes specialist (endocrinologist), and a pharmacist. The question also asked the respondent to indicate if he/she had ever belonged to a face-to-face support group, however these individuals would be included with those that did not belong to an online group and would answer only the questions posed to this group. Current and previous online support group members were asked to indicate for how many online support groups he/she was a registered member, to name which group was the one that he/she visited the most often and then to indicate how often he/she visited that site on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. It was from the final question about frequency of usage that the levels of participation (low to high) groupings were determined. Support group members were asked what types of activities they engaged in while visiting the site (participate in support forums or chat rooms, read blogs 117 or topics posted by others, post a blog or topic, respond to blogs or topics posted by others, search for diabetes-related information on treatment, search for diabetes-related information on nutrition, set a diabetes-related goal and monitor progress toward goal) and how often (have never done this=0, almost never=1, moderately often=3, very often=5) using a 6 point semantic differential scale. This same question was asked of non-online support group users, only it was posed as how likely on a 5-point scale of not at all likely to very likely, non members would participate in the same activities listed above. Support group members were asked a series of questions regarding their identity with the support group. Questions included to what extent they identify with the group, degree of overlap between group image and self-image, level of involvement, strength of attachment, belongingness, and commitment, degree or respect, admiration and self-worth associated with support group membership. Finally, the perceived benefits of membership (sharing problems, receiving support, receiving advice, receiving information, setting goals, improving confidence, receiving goal-related feedback) were assessed of support group members. Likewise, non-support group members were asked to rate the extent to which they believed that membership in an online diabetes support group would provide the following benefits. Some of these items were adapted from a scale used by Barrera & Glasgow in a study they conducted that measured the emotional support, advice and information one receives from online support groups. The emotional component refers to the affective feelings of commitment that one has for the group.

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Long-term effect of diabe tween symptomatic, severe hypoglycaemia and mortality in type 2 tes and its treatment on cognitive function. Severe hypoglycemia and risks of vascular events and and young adults with type 1 diabetes: results from the Yorkshire death. Diabetes-related tion of hypoglycaemia awareness in patients with long-duration morbidity and mortality in a national sample of U. The impact of aging on adrenergic unawareness, deficient counterregulation and lack of cognitive receptor function: clinical and biochemical aspects. J Am Geriatr dysfunction during hypoglycaemia, following institution of ratio Soc. Measuring glucose exposure and associated with an increased risk of cognitive dysfunction A crit variability using continuous glucose monitoring in normal and ab icalreviewofpublishedstudies. American Geriatrics Society updated Beers Criteria for po caemia on quality of life and related patient-reported outcomes in tentiallyinappropriatemedicationuseinolderadults. Economic costs of diabetes in the being, cerebral function, and physical fatigue after nocturnal hy U. Manage nitive function and mood after severe hypoglycemia in adults with ment of diabetes and hyperglycemia in hospitals. Type 1 diabetes and driving experience: therapy and mortality among critically ill patients: a meta-analysis an eight-year cohort study. Complex carbohydrates in the agement training in type 2 diabetes: a systematic review of ran prevention of nocturnal hypoglycaemia in diabetic children. Intensifiedinsulintherapy hypoglycaemia, better metabolic control, and improved quality of andtheriskofseverehypoglycaemia. Restoration of hypoglyce ple with type 1 diabetes: a prospective implementation study. Defective psychological outcomes 1 year after structured education in flex glucose counterregulation after strict glycemic control of insulin ible insulin therapy for people with type 1 diabetes: the U. Im ison of the ability of bread versus bread plus meat to treat and proving epinephrine responses in hypoglycemia unawareness with prevent subsequent hypoglycemia in patients with insulin-depen real-time continuous glucose monitoring in adolescents with type dent diabetes mellitus. Impact of automated insulin suspension in response to hypoglycemia: reduc bedtime snack composition on prevention of nocturnal hypogly tion in nocturnal hypoglycemia in those at greatest risk. Arandomized,blinded therapeutic decisions in patients with type 1 diabetes: evidence trial of uncooked cornstarch to diminish nocturnal hypoglycemia from a clinical audit.

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Dehydration Degrees Hypertonic Dehydration the most accurate way to assess the degree Hypertonic dehydration usually presents of dehydration is by calculating the percent with specific features associated with the age of weight loss. Risk factors include previous exposure classifies dehydration is usually necessary to rely on clinical signs. Typical clinical following 4 signs: lethargy or unconscious, signs (sunken eyes, decreased skin turgor, sunken eyes, skin pinch that goes back very hypotension) are less evident than in iso slowly, and not able to drink or drinking tonic or hypotonic dehydration of the poorly. The 4 signs that shock is delayed because the intravascular indicate some dehydration (yellow) include volume is relatively protected by the water restless or irritable, sunken eyes, thirsty and shift from the intracellular space. The drinks eagerly, sunken eyes, and the skin patient is usually very irritable, even with pinch goes back slowly (not very slowly). The osmotic gradient in the Dehydration intercellular space maintains the absorp Oral Rehydration Therapy tion of potassium and bicarbonate. In tive mechanism of sodium and chloride is addition, it requires the participation of impaired, but glucose absorption remains the mother, thus encouraging family largely intact. The simplest requires rice, nents, such as the use of amino acids as water, and salt. One hundred grams of cotransporting molecules; solutions rice is cooked in 1 liter of boiling water Oral rehydration derived from cooked cereals, usually rice for 10 minutes or until the rice pops. Amino acid-based formulations container, and any remaining water is or overcorrection of have not been proven significantly benefi squeezed from the rice with a spoon. Rice-based formulations have demon When all the water is squeezed from the associated with strated improved efficacy in patients with rice, enough water is added to the solu diarrheal dehydration. They may be used in situations tion to bring the total volume to 1 liter where rice is readily available. A number of studies have demonstrat Use only drinking water to prepare ed that lowering the concentrations of rehydration solutions. Any other beverage glucose and sodium to a total osmolarity (such as mineral water or carbonated of 245 mOsm/L can decrease stool output beverages) will modify the concentrations and vomiting in children with acute non of the various components and conse cholera diarrhea, without significantly quently reduce its efficacy. However, it is associated with an increased incidence of transient, asymptomatic hyponatraemia. Only untreatable vomiting dehydration or to those who have been will require parenteral therapy. Very few supplies of severe dehydration and suspected are needed, and it is easy to train aux cases of cholera. The causative agent can be suspected from the clinical manifestations, which help in selecting the initial treatment. Two of the following signs l Give fluid, zinc supplements and food for some dehydration l Restless, irritable (Plan B). Based on the frequency of the evacuations and the characteristics of the stools, the infant has acute diarrhea. There is no blood in the stools, so the most probable causative agent is rotavirus or E. In both cases the disease is usually self-limited and does not require antibiotic therapy.

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N is a combination of triamcinolone (corticoseroid), nysatin (antifungal), and neomycin Petrolatum (petroleum jelly, parafn gel) is a non (antibacterial). This drug has less skin metabolism, and odorous combination of refned semi-solid hydrocar therefore the sysemic absorption of the drug is rela bons used in many primary bases of children creams tively high, resulting in a high probability of sysemic and lotions. It is usually used twice wound healing properties, and is considered as one of a day, and the use of this combination is only jusifable the mos common preventive and therapeutic agents in for short-term treatment (less than two weeks) of skin in diaper dermatitis (Speight 2014). It also has medium fammation associated with bacterial infection or candi risk safety rating. Sensitization and skin thinning are not unexpect Pharmacis, petrolatum deprives skin of water and oxy ed after prolonged use (Al-Faraidy & Al-Natour 2010). It is usually used as an obsructive barrier in the preparation of topical agents Zinc oxide has nearly zero solubility in water and mild used for the skin (Panahi et al. This ointment acts as a physical barrier to water absorption, and by inhibiting Herbal medicines the adhesion and penetration of microorganisms, reduc es bacterial infections in mild dermatitis (Gupta et al. Zinc oxide ointment a long hisory in many parts of the world; however, their 5% can be used to reduce the symptoms of diarrhea composition, oxidation, light sensitivity and biological induced diaper dermatitis (Bae et al. The use of medicinal plants as antibacterial and combination with potassium and it is used as a topical anti-infammatory drugs is common in Iranian general treatment for dermatitis in children in combination with medicine, and no signifcant adverse efects have been glycerin (Del val, kontoravdi & Nagy 2010). It has moisurizing, antimicrobial, and anti Calendula irritation properties with little fat. It is well absorbed and easily washed of and available in 30 g tubes ointment Calendula ointment is a non-seroidal anti-infam and cream. It is used as needed and usually after each matory drug used in cases of skin infammation, aller diaper change (Merrill 2015). Each gram of ointment gic dermatitis, itching and skin lesions resulting from contains 850 units of Vitamin A and 85 units of Vitamin it (Deng et al. The number of doses and celerates wound healing and relieves itching by simu frequency use of the drug do not have a specifc insruc lating epithelization and granulation (Camargo, Gaspar tion; however, in diferent articles, the frequency of its & Maia Campos 2011). It also acts as a moisurizer and use varies from three times a day to after each diaper helps maintaining the softness and elasicity of the skin. Number 1 Client-Centered Nursing Care Chamomile tional drug containing henna 25% and hydrocortisone 1%. In this sudy, 82 (41 in each group) healthy children Chamomile is one of the herbal medicines used to under the age of two years sufering from diaper der treat diaper dermatitis, with anti-infammatory, anal matitis were sudied and used the drug 3 times a day gesic and sedative properties (Panahi et al. The results main components include alpha-bisabolol, bisabolol indicated that the intensity of infammation was signif oxide, chamazulene, and favonoid. Some people who cantly higher in the hydrocortisone 1% group on the 3rd are allergic to Compositae (Aseraceae) plants like ca and 5 days after the onset of intervention (P<0.

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Blood tests can detect diabetes, vitamin defciencies, liver or kidney dysfunction, other metabolic disorders, and signs of abnormal immune system activity. An examination of cerebrospinal fuid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord can reveal abnormal antibodies associated with 13 some immune-mediated neuropathies. More specialized tests may reveal other blood or cardiovascular diseases, connective tissue disorders, or malignancies. During this test, a probe electrically stimulates a nerve fber, which responds by generating its own electrical impulse. Slow transmission rates and impulse blockage tend to indicate damage to the myelin sheath, while a reduction in the strength of impulses at normal speeds is a sign of axonal degeneration. Although this test can provide valuable information about the degree of nerve damage, it is an invasive procedure that is diffcult to perform and may itself cause neuropathic side effects. Address underlying conditions he frst step in treating peripheral T neuropathy is to address any contributing causes such as infection, toxin exposure, medication-related toxicity, vitamin defciencies, hormonal defciencies, autoimmune disorders, or compression that can lead to neuropathy. Peripheral nerves have the ability to regenerate axons, as long as the nerve cell itself has not died, which may lead to functional recovery over time. Correcting an underlying condition often can result in the neuropathy resolving on its own as the nerves recover or regenerate. Smoking cessation is particularly important because smoking constricts the blood vessels that supply nutrients to the peripheral nerves and can worsen neuropathic symptoms. Self-care skills such as meticulous foot care and careful wound treatment in people with diabetes and others who have an impaired ability to feel pain can alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life. Strict control of blood glucose levels has been shown to reduce neuropathic symptoms and help people with diabetic neuropathy avoid further nerve damage. Infammatory and autoimmune conditions leading to neuropathy can be controlled in several ways. Immunosuppressive drugs such as prednisone, cyclosporine, or azathioprine may be benefcial. Large intravenously administered 16 doses of immunoglobulins (antibodies that alter the immune system, and agents such as rituximab that target specifc infammatory cells) also can suppress abnormal immune system activity. Symptom Management Neuropathic pain, or pain caused by the injury to a nerve or nerves, is often diffcult to control. More chronic and discomforting pain may need to be addressed through the care of a physician. Medications that are used for chronic neuropathic pain fall under several classes of drugs: antidepressants, anticonvulsant medications, antiarrythmic medications, and narcotic agents.

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