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By: H. Will, M.A., M.D., M.P.H.

Clinical Director, Washington University School of Medicine

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In a second study, they showed that bicuculline were enhanced similarly in the fexor digitorum superfcialis caused cells to lose their crisp directionality, converted uni and abductor digiti minimi indicating a failure of surround directional cells to bidirectional cells, and increased fring inhibition. Using other experimental paradigms, a similar rates of most cells including making silent cells into active loss of surround inhibition in the hand has been found ones (Matsumura et al. There is a valuable animal model for blepharospasm that How can the abnormalities of dystonia be related to the supports the idea of a combination of genetics and environ basal ganglia This is not completely clear, but a number of ment, and, specifcally, that the background for the develop investigators have felt that there is an imbalance in the direct ment of dystonia could be a loss of inhibition (Schicatano and indirect pathways so that the direct pathway is relatively et al. In this model, rats were lesioned to cause a overactive (or that the indirect pathway is relatively underac depletion of dopamine; this reduces inhibition. This should lead to excessive movement and, in par orbicularis oculi muscle was weakened. Together, but not separately, these two inter Abnormal plasticity ventions produced spasms of eyelid closure, similar to blepharospasm. This has been demonstrated using the tech this could be a human analog of the animal experiments. A gold weight pulse to the sensorimotor cortex timed to be immediately implanted into the weak lid of one patient, aiding lid closure, after the arrival of the sensory volley. There Loss of surround inhibition, a functional is also an abnormality in homeostatic plasticity. Surround inhibition is a concept well accepted in Increased plasticity may arise from decreased inhibition sensory physiology (Angelucci et al. When making a movement, the brain must activate ing how environmental infuences can trigger dystonia. After some time, they became unable to do so, and inputs, coming from adjacent body parts is abnormal in this motor control abnormality was interpreted as a possible dystonia. The sensory cortex of these animals was studied, to altered surrounding inhibition, could give rise to an and sensory receptive felds were found to be large. The abnormal motor output and might therefore contribute to interpretation of these results was that the synchronous the motor impairment present in dystonia.

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Sniffng can also be a phonic tic, Level A has four equal factors, and each has its own table involving nasal passages rather than the vocal apparatus. These include the moaning in the movements occur when the affected body part is at rest, akathisia and in parkinsonism; the brief sounds in oroman in a voluntary action, or both (Table 1. This table lists dibular dystonia and Huntington disease; and the sniffng, those movement disorders that are present when the affected spitting, groaning, or singing that is occasionally encoun body part is at rest and disappear with action, appear only tered in Huntington disease and neuroacanthocytosis. In the action category are task-specifc and Tremor is an oscillatory, typically rhythmic and regular, move posture-specifc dyskinesias. Stereotypy and tardive stereotypy (classic tardive dyskinesia) were distinguished in Table 1. Dystonia often, but dyskinesias Oculofaciomasticatory not always, has repetitive movements, which were coined as myorhythmia by Herz Periodic movements myorhythmia (1931, 1944) and now labeled as dystonic tremor and patterned movements. Stereotypies can occur at irregular intervals, disorder Neuromyotonia (Isaacs and these are in the right hand column above. In contrast, classic tardive syndrome) dyskinesia movements are continuous, and these stereotypies are placed in the left Severe dystonia hand column. Severe tics 33 1 Clinical overview and phenomenology of movement disorders Table 1. These neuromyotonia and other causes of stiff muscles or postures that are not due to include tremor, myoclonus, and choreic-like movements. Dystonia-plus syndromes dystonia (common causes are orthopedic deformities and pain). The third level (Level C), taking still longer periods of Working defnitions and clinical characteristics of the move observation, evaluates many factors: speed, amplitude, force, ment disorders have been presented. Electrophysiologic suppressibility, presence of vocalizations, presence of self recordings are adding to our defnitions, but they must be mutilation, complexity of the movements, and whether compatible with the clinical defnitions that have been in there are associated sensory symptoms (Table 1. The chapters describing the details of each motor ataxia (asynergia); and hypnogenic dyskinesias. The others phenomenology also describe our approach for evaluating are less common.

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This permanence of number takes part in a literary tradition that was revived by Queneau and defended by Dante or Butor, with the help of Victor Hugo, Baudelaire, Balzac, and others: the number is a much more powerful sign than the linguistic sign. At best, it is in harmony with the symbolism of alchemy, another intangible doctrine that has traveled an underground road through the centuries, avoiding both religion and science yet establishing a foothold in both of 17 their domains. The Juggler, who is traditionally partially clad in blue (the color of the spiritual) and partially in red (the color of matter) also symbolizes the balance between opposites.

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Hence in hyper If the retina is at B, the vertical meridian will be focused as metropia of 1 D, a convex lens of 1 D or 1 m focal length in an emmetropic eye, while the horizontal will still be placed in contact with the cornea, acting in combination converging as in hypermetropia: this condition is called with the refractive power of the eye, would bring the rays simple hypermetropic astigmatism. However, lenses are only rarely worn vertical meridian will be diverging as in myopia, and the in contact with the cornea. Parallel incident rays are brought to a focus on the retina by means of a suitable convex lens. Parallel incident rays are brought to a focus on the retina by means of a suitable concave lens. Errors of refraction are measured by the strength of the lens O which is required when it is placed in the ordinary position F 1 of a spectacle lens. Similarly in myopia, the rays are given the requisite A amount of divergence before they enter the eye so that they are brought to a focus upon the retina. An eye which has its far point 1 m in front of the eye would need a O 21 D lens in contact with the cornea to correct a myopia of F 1 1 D. If the glass is worn about 20 mm in front of the eye it will have to be somewhat stronger, i. There is an advantage in having the correcting lenses in axial ametropia in the position of the anterior focus of the eye, because in these conditions the size of the retinal im O age is the same as if the eye were emmetropic (Fig. The convex lens in hypermetropia has to be made weaker and the concave lens in myopia stronger as the distance of the lens from the eye increases. If the lens is closer to the F1 eye than the anterior focal distance, the size of the retinal D image is diminished (convex lens, Fig. In (A) and (C) where the optical centre of the lens, O, coincides from the cornea the retinal image in hypermetropia is with the anterior focal point of the eye, F1, the size of the retinal image larger, and in myopia smaller than the emmetropic image. When the lens is closer to the eye than the the increase in size in hypermetropia is advantageous, but anterior focal distance of the eye, the size of the retinal image is diminished (convex lens, B) or increased (concave lens, D). Consequently, in myopes the spectacles ought to be made to ft as close to the eyes as possible. This is done by using Parallel rays falling upon a cylindrical lens will be cylindrical lenses. If a slice is cut off the simply a plane lamina with parallel sides, so that it will have cylinder by a plane parallel to the axis, it would form a no effect upon the rays. The direction ab is called the axis of the therefore act exactly like a planoconvex or a planoconcave cylinder, since it is parallel to the axis of the original cylin lens, i. It is important not to confuse the axis of a spherical a point of light and a screen, a position can be found for lens and the axis of a cylindrical lens, as they are totally the screen such that a sharp bright line is thrown upon it different.