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By: Y. Yespas, M.A., M.D.

Assistant Professor, Morehouse School of Medicine

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This tendency is so great that frequently no attempt is made to exclude nonendocrine disturbances. He hinted that a hormonal basis to premenstrual tension might not have been the best approach to 67 Knaapen Loes, Weisz George. Over the next several years, publications on premenstrual syndrome were limited while innovation in biochemical profiling and hormone assays grew exponentially. She would be the one to develop his description of a mostly mild condition into a syndrome, and officially name it the premenstrual syndrome. To this day Dalton is considered one of the earliest, most prolific and widely cited writers on the subject. It was her theory that a deficiency in the female sex hormone progesterone caused the symptoms and she resolved to remedy this deficiency with hormone replacement therapy using both natural and synthetic progesterone. She advocated for greater health literacy for women and published many books geared toward public audiences on the subject. One of her frequent female patients reported experiencing asthma attacks during certain times of the month. Dalton, picking up on the pattern, reflected on her own experiences, recalling how while pregnant she never had her otherwise monthly migraine headaches. It may be no surprise then that Dalton, recalling the role hormones played in pregnancy, narrowed down on one sex hormone in particular: progesterone. In women who experience a menstrual cycle, progesterone facilitates the growth of the endometrium, a nutrient rich tissue lining that creates a favorable environment for a potential pregnancy. Progesterone levels normally fluctuate throughout the menstrual cycle, decreasing significantly days before the onset of the period and stay elevated during pregnancy.

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It is prudent and congruent with standards of professionalism for physical therapists to assist with the development of facility policies, procedures, and protocols to aid in the clinical decision-making process regarding the use of lab values in determining the intensity level of therapeutic interventions. As an example, acute laboratory value changes, such as those associated 5 with blood loss due to trauma or surgery, might require the physical therapist to select a more conservative plan of care. At the same time, such acute changes might also suggest the potential for more serious adverse events contributable to the limited amount of time to physiologically compensate for this acute change. Patients with chronic medical conditions often have more chronic changes in lab values, commonly associated with these conditions. Under these circumstances, it is prudent for the physical therapist to allow the patient a period of time for his or her body to adapt to the changes in lab values. In turn, this interim period might allow patients to have more resources toward dealing with potential adverse events caused by increasing cardiorespiratory demand, mobility, and exercise. Gender, Race, and Culture Considerations Census 2010 indicated increased minority demographic shifts in the United States. For example, sickle cell anemia is more prevalent in populations with sub-Saharan African ancestry than with Caucasians. As the field of clinical laboratory medicine progresses, genetic variability will become an increasingly more important consideration in the development of new tests and in analyzing results from the current test. In the United States, African Americans tend to have increased muscle mass and skeletal structures compared to their Caucasian counterparts. Therefore, racial differences in serum levels of creatinine kinase and lactate dehydrogenase in adults, and in serum alkaline phosphatase in children, are noted. African Americans also tend to have higher serum total protein levels and higher serum levels of alpha, beta, and gamma globulins, IgG, and IgA, than Caucasians. Sex and Gender Considerations:11 Many lab results will have reference ranges reported as age-specific or sex-specific values. Term Definition Categorical differentiation between men and women, assigned at birth based on brief Sex visual examination of external genitalia. Gender Binary social construct involving characteristics distinguishing men from women. Transsexual Outdated term for person who feels they were assigned the incorrect sex.

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Nerve ablation provides a method of sustained relief, but increases the risk of side-efects. Direct tumour ablation or cement fxation of metastatic bony disease is being used more frequently for bone pain, with good results (Gangi, 1994, 2003). However, the possibility of analgesia often outweighs the risks in patients with uncontrolled pain. Although the evidence base for many of these interventions is limited and some is extrapolated from other studies of cancer pains or nonmalignant pain, interventional techniques are used extensively, safely and efectively (see chapter 8). They form an integral part of the multidisciplinary approach to cancer bone pain management, and their early consideration may often be warranted. Unfortunately the block was unilateral, blocking the uninjured side and decreasing mobility without any meaningful analgesia for the fractured limb. The fracture was considered inoperable and the patient was transferred to a specialist cancer hospital for consideration of further treatment. High doses of morphine managed to reduce rest pain, but were associated with increased somnolence and continuing constipation. The patient was unwilling to have another epidural catheter due to a fear of a repeated unilateral block. After discussion, the patient was ofered a lumbar plexus catheter, which was inserted easily when the patient was awake using only local anaesthetic. The increased analgesia on movement and the retained motor strength on the uninjured side allowed the patient to mobilise. It is one of the key components of central sensitisation that contributes to increased pain and abnormal pain perception. There are many case reports and case series demonstrating signifcant efcacy in refractory cancer pain, either alone or concomitantly with opioids. The lack of data is refected in the variability of suggested protocols in both dose and route of administration. Side-efects are potentially problematic, including tachycardia and cognitive disturbances such as hallucinations. Nevertheless, ketamine may provide some empirical beneft in refractory cancer pain. While an in-patient, he experienced sudden extreme and severe pain in the centre of his centre chest after minimal trauma. Case study (ketamine) A 37-year old woman with previous cancer of cervix and a recurrence three years ago (treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy) was admitted for the relief of severe back pain. She also had a previous history of degenerative back disease and long-term steroids. Subsequently, she had a tunnelled intrathecal catheter inserted with an implanted pump that infused intrathecal diamorphine. She was referred for vertebroplasty and in the interim managed to go home with the pump in situ. In recent years, advances in pain management have been made; however, pain remains often under-treated and there is a need for improvement.

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Patients who feel overwhelmed or desperate may try to convince the provider to abandon the taper. Consider sequential tapers for patients who are on chronic benzodiazepines and opioids. Do not use ultra-rapid detoxification or antagonist-induced withdrawal under heavy sedation or anesthesia. Rapid taper (over a 2 to 3 week period) if the patient has had a severe adverse outcome such as overdose or substance use disorder, or c. Use validated tools to assess conditions (Appendix B: Validated Tools for Screening and Assessment). Consider the following factors when making a decision to continue, pause or discontinue the taper plan: a. Assess the patient behaviors that may be suggestive of a substance use disorder b. The rate may be slowed or paused while monitoring for and managing withdrawal symptoms. Use non-benzodiazepine adjunctive agents to treat opioid abstinence syndrome (withdrawal) if needed. Unlike benzodiazepine withdrawal, opioid withdrawal symptoms are rarely medically serious, although they may be extremely unpleasant. Symptoms of mild opioid withdrawal may persist for six months after opioids have been discontinued (Table 10). Refer to a crisis intervention system if a patient expresses serious suicidal ideation with plan or intent, or transfer to an emergency room where the patient can be closely monitored. Do not start or resume opioids or benzodiazepines once they have been discontinued, as they may trigger drug cravings and a return to use. Symptoms and Treatment of Opioid Abstinence Syndrome (withdrawal) Restlessness, sweating or Clonidine 0. Dose reduction, discontinuation of opioids, or transition to medication-assisted treatment 218 for opioid use disorder frequently improves function, quality of life, and even pain control. Because the experience of pain and the symptoms of withdrawal that accompany an opioid taper vary from one person to the next, there is not a one size fits all approach. Many pharmacologic therapies have been studied for use as adjunctive agents during opioid taper to 219-224 palliate opioid abstinence syndrome (withdrawal) as well as emergent insomnia and anxiety. A multidisciplinary approach to pain, including psychotherapy (behavioral activation, problem solving therapy, etc. Multidisciplinary pain programs have strong clinical efficacy and empirical data 94,95,225-228 supporting their cost-efficiency. These programs, while neither widely available nor well reimbursed, provide significant benefit to many patients.

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Infertility providers will also verbally notify the Member of the exhaustion of benefits if applicable. Oocyte (egg) Retrievals: A member is allowed four completed oocyte (egg) retrievals per calendar year except that if a live birth follows a completed oocyte retrieval, then two more completed oocyte retrievals shall be covered (per calendar year). The Winfertility Reproductive Endocrinologist determines medical necessity for oocyte retrievals. Donor Benefits: Benefits will also be provided for medical expenses of an oocyte or sperm donor for procedures utilized to retrieve oocytes or sperm, and the subsequent procedure used to transfer the oocytes or sperm to member. Associated donor medical expenses are also covered, including but not limited to, physical examinations, laboratory screenings, psychological screenings and prescription drugs. The evaluation and treatment of infertility is in benefit to the extent described below. There are some employer groups with limited infertility benefits included at the bottom of the scope. Note: the exclusions listed at the end of this scope also apply to donor services. Interpretation: In accordance with applicable law, coverage is provided for the treatment of infertility. The law does not apply to self-insured employers or to trusts or insurance policies written outside of Illinois. To receive infertility coverage, the member must meet the definition of infertility and not be sterile as a result of a voluntary sterilization procedure. If the initial history and exam suggest any underlying medical condition, this condition should be ruled out or treated before the member is referred for primary infertility treatment. Diagnosis: A diagnosis of infertility is established when a male or female meets any one of the four definitions described below. Unprotected sexual intercourse means sexual union between a male and female, without the use of any process, device, or method that prevents conception, including but not limited to oral contraceptives, chemicals, physical or barrier contraceptives, natural abstinence, or voluntary permanent surgical procedures. Such union should include appropriate measures to ensure the health and safety of sexual partners.

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